Ghosts and Ghouls Tracked

Mike Johnson choose Jake to be the newest member of his team. But there is a unusual increase in ghostly activity straight away. Just who is Jake Call? And why does Mike think there's something 'off' about him?


1. Chapter the 1st

Mike sat shifting though forms that people who wanted to join his tv show : Ghosts and Ghouls Tracked.

You see it used be him , Stan and Amy but sadly Amy and Stan had a huge arguement and Stan left the show . None of the people seemed any good so far. They are all really stupid. He was about to turn in for the night when this caught his eye :

Name : Jake Call

Age: 25

So what i am gonna write here then. I am a ghost tracker (duh)

and i like cupcakes. I have unprofessionaly tracked ghost since i was 15 (10 years wow!)

What else do i write! :(

I'm not getting this job am i?

Number : 0800 1789 120

Mike liked this guy. He seemed funny and would bring intrest to the show. Yeah this was his new team mate.

He dialled the number and Jake picked up

"Hello" he said "Can i help ya?"

"This is Mike Johnson do you still wanna be on Ghost and Ghouls?"

" I GOT THE JOB?!" Jake asked


"OH MY GOD !" he was clearly freaking out

"See ya tomorrow. At 6 sharp . Rookwood Castle"

"Bye. THANKS!"

Mike hung up and went to bed feeling very good about the filming next day.

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