Adopted By One Direction

Arianna, nicknamed Az, is a 13 year old orphan. Her parents abused her mentally and physically, she was put into a orphanage where she was also mentally and physically abused by every one around her. Leaving her frightened and alone. Will all this change when she is adopted by the world famous boy band One Direction?


5. Chapter 4

A/N- I think I might add in another character, a sister for Az, so if your interested please comment with your name, looks and personality!!

Nikki xx


Az's POV-

I love living with the guys so much, they are so kind and loving, I'm still only really close with Lou or should I call him dad? anyway I'm warming up to the others now and today Liam said he is taking us on a trip!! I'm so excited!!
"Liam? where are we going?" I asked quietly.
"Somewhere" He replied with a smirk.
"Da- I mean Louis, is he going to hurt me?" I whispered to Louis.
"What?! No!! Az none of us would ever hurt you! I promise and so do the others, that you will never feel alone, hurt or unloved again!!" Louis replied, with the others nodding in agreement.
"Oh and Az, if you want to call Lou 'dad', just do, did you see how happy he looked when you almost called him that?" Niall whispered. I just nodded. I felt myself drifting off and being picked up by someone.
"Hey, Az wake up, were here now love" Liam said to me.
"Where are we? and where are the others?" I asked getting worried.
"Oh we are at the beach!! and the others have gone to get some ice-cream and stuff" He said.
"Thank you Li, you remembered that I've always wanted to go to the beach!" I said hugging him. The others ran over and shouted "group hug!" and joined in the hug.
"I love you guys so much thank you for everything" I said.
"We love you two Az, never forget that" They said.
"Can we please go and paddle in the water after our ice-creams?" I asked.
"Sure!!!" They shouted. This is going to be the best day ever!!

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