Adopted By One Direction

Arianna, nicknamed Az, is a 13 year old orphan. Her parents abused her mentally and physically, she was put into a orphanage where she was also mentally and physically abused by every one around her. Leaving her frightened and alone. Will all this change when she is adopted by the world famous boy band One Direction?


3. Chapter 3

Sorry I haven't updated for the last 2 weeks, I have been on holiday and had no internet and I have just got back today

Nikki x

Harry's POV-

I was glad that Az wanted to go shopping with me, I always thought she would only want to be close to Louis and be a little distant from the rest of us. We haven't really seen the real her but I'm sure we'll love it. As we were arriving, and trying to find a parking space, I turned to look at Az for a second, to see her gawping out of the window as we pulled up to the shopping centre.

"Wow it's so big... Harry do you promise you won't leave me." She asked.

"Oh Az I would never leave you on your own in a place like this, Have you ever been here?" I replied.

"Thank you and umm I err no." She said as if I would be disappointed in her for saying no.

"Well then I defiantly won't leave you! I don't want to loose you on our first day together! Lou would kill me" I said. Az giggled a bit.

"Harry there's a space over there," Az said pointing out of the window.

"Thanks." I said turning the car to park.

"Az, What do you want to buy?" I asked.

"Me? I thought this shopping trip was for you! You can't use your money on me!" She said.

"It's for you mainly though, I thought we could buy you a phone, some new clothes, a computer, If you wanted." I said as we reached the doors.

"I could do with some new clothes like PJs but, I don't need a phone or computer, they're just things that are a lot of money and I don't even know how to use them..." Az replied trailing off.

"It's ok you get what you want, With in reason of cause, and If you don't know how to use the phone or something like that, we will show you and teach you!" I replied. I don't want her to be spoiled, but I want to give her a good start living with us.

"Thank you so much Harry!"  She said, quite loudly for once, I think shopping trip is going to go well, and I think she's warming up to me!. We walked in and Az must of seen the large crowds cuz she grabbed my hand and looked up to me, she was quite short for her age. probably around just under 5ft. I looked down and smiled a reassuring smile. I walked straight into apple,

 "Az what colour of phone do you want? Black or white?" I asked.

"White please." She replied.

"Ok I'll keep that in mind. So now its time to choose a case, then we ask for the phone!" I said taking her to the case section.

 "There's a lot of cases, I don't know which one to choose." She said.

"Well, it's your choice, take as much time as you want!" I replied.

"Oh wow I want that one please! It's got your's, Louis's, Liam's, Zayn's and Niall's faces on it!" she laughed.

"Ok then, get it off the shelf and follow me." I said. She got it and we walked to the till.

"Please can we also have an IPhone 5?" I asked.

"Yeah sure what colour?" The man asked.

"White please." Az said. The man wondered off and came back with a box with a white IPhone 5 in it.

"You look really similar to Harry Styles, I think he's called."  The man said, looking at the case.

"I get that a lot." I said paying for the items. As we walked out of the store Az burst out laughing.

"Do you guys get that a lot?" She asked.

"Only sometimes, it happened to Zayn at a HMV, I think it was, when he was buying our album take me home for his little sister." I replied. That just made her laugh even more. We went and got a laptop for her and some clothes.


**After the shopping trip.**


"Guys were home!" I shouted. they all came running down the stairs.

"What did you get?!?" They all shouted.

"Harry bought me an IPhone, I told him not to but he insisted." Az said.

"What case did you get for it??" Louis asked.

"This one" Az said giggling. She pulled out the case and said "I don't know why but it reminded me of you guys." Every one started laughing and then she tried on all her clothes and showed us them, then she got changed into her snoopy PJs and came down stairs, we showed her how to use the phone and laptop and put our numbers in it.

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