Adopted By One Direction

Arianna, nicknamed Az, is a 13 year old orphan. Her parents abused her mentally and physically, she was put into a orphanage where she was also mentally and physically abused by every one around her. Leaving her frightened and alone. Will all this change when she is adopted by the world famous boy band One Direction?


2. Chapter 2

Arianna's POV-

I was a little worried about being adopted by the guys, what if they don't like me and want to send me back? There is a very good chance of that happening. I've never really had chance to be my self, but under the shy abused girl who finds it hard to trust I know there is a loud out going teenager waiting for her time to shine.

"So Az, wanna see your room?!" Liam asked.

"I have my own room?" I said, excitedly but quietly.

"where did you think you was going to sleep?!" Zayn exclaimed.

"In the basement..." I said not wanting anyone else to hear.

"Aww Az, we would never do that to you! now come on come see your room I hope you like it.!" Niall said.

"Ok." I said.

"Hey Az, do you want to come clothes shopping with me? After we have seen your room and let you unpack?" Harry asked.

"Yeah sure," I said following Louis up the stairs. My room was beautiful, it had bright blue walls and one white wall. On the white wall it had a beautiful pattern of swirls and flowers. I had a wooden floor, a queen size bed an on suite and a walk in wardrobe.

"I-I-I-I-I I don't know what to say its beautiful I love it thank you!" I shouted.

"So Az wanna go shopping now?" Harry asked. I think I can trust Harry, but I might just be a little distant just for now though. If you had my upbringing you would to.



Sorry for the short chapter, but the next chapter is going to be the shopping trip

Nikki x

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