Adopted By One Direction

Arianna, nicknamed Az, is a 13 year old orphan. Her parents abused her mentally and physically, she was put into a orphanage where she was also mentally and physically abused by every one around her. Leaving her frightened and alone. Will all this change when she is adopted by the world famous boy band One Direction?


1. Chapter 1

Arianna's POV-

"No Mother, Noo Father don't do this please!" I cried as I get beaten up. I was left to cry on the floor, I had ended up with a black eye and a huge bruise on my stomach. Then the police came bursting through the door. My mother and father were taken away in handcuffs and I was taken to an orphanage.

I've began to get these flashbacks more and more recently. I might as well introduce myself. I'm Arianna, but I prefer Az. I live here in this orphanage, unable to show my full potential and true colours. I'm extremely shy and prefer to be on my own. I never used to be this way, but with over 10 years of your life being mentally and physically abused you would be the same way. I don't trust people easily. I've been at this orphanage since I was 7. I'm now 13 and I have never been adopted. I've started to believe what everyone has said about me from day one. I'm a fat ugly bitch who will never get adopted. I have brown hair, that is kind of wavy with a side fringe almost covering my left eye and blue eyes.

"girls! come down stairs! Dinner is ready" Miss Worthington shouted. Dinner is usually stale bread and mouldy butter, but if were lucky bread and jam. As I walked into the dinner hall, everyone stopped talking and looked at me then began whispering and sniggering.

"Attention! there will be five very important guests tomorrow. I want all of you to dress in your uniform and be on your best behaviour." Miss Worthington said. I got up and left the table, and went to bed.

"Wake up Arianna! The guests will be here in half an hour!" Miss Worthington shouted in my ear. I got  up and had a shower. I got dressed into my Saint Kidd crossing seas t-shirt ( ) and my baggy jeans. I shoved on my converse and walked down the steps.


Louis's POV-

As we walked into the orphanage we were greeted by a lady named Miss Worthington. I was looking at the girls, most of them wearing dull grey skirts a white polo shirt tucked in and knee socks. I heard some noise on the stairs and turned round. When she walked into her lace on the line, Miss Worthington grabbed her ear and said "I told you to come in your uniform not your crappy little outfit!" I walked over and began talking to her.

"I'm Louis, what's your name?" I asked.

"Arianna, but I prefer Az..." She said barley audible.

"That's a nice name, Az I'm going to ask you some questions. First what is your favourite thing to do? Second what is your favourite song and finally what have you always wanted to do but never done?" I said.

"Umm I like to draw a lot, I don't really know any songs and umm go to the beach." she said, I could only just hear her.

"Guys come here! I think I've found the perfect little girl!" She flinched at me shouting but I just shrugged it off. We all agreed on adopting her and called Miss Worthington over. I had to fill out a lot of stuff and since I was the oldest she was going to take my last name.

"Oh sir, just so you know I have to tell you by law, Arianna is very shy, and does have trust issues." Miss Worthington said.

"k Thanks." I said walking over to Az.

"So Az how do you feel about becoming Arianna Tomlinson?" I asked.

"Your adopting me?!?!" She asked. I could tell she wasn't sure about this.

"Yeah, only if its ok with you." I said.

"Yeah its fine..." She said. She went and got her stuff and I put her stuff into the back of the mini van. She climbed in sitting between me and Harry.

"So Az we only have a few rules, 1 If we ask you a serious a question I want you to answer it truthfully. 2 be yourself and 3 HAVE FUN!" I said. She nodded. After about 5 minutes of silence she said "What do you want me to call you all?"

"What did you say?" Liam asked.

"Please don't hit me I'm sorry for talking before being spoken to!" she shouted.

"Sweetie don't worry non of us will ever hit you and you can say what ever you want when you want... with in reason of course. And you can call us what ever you want." Harry Said.

"Can I call you all by your first names for now." she asked.

"Of course you can." Zayn Said.

"Oh and Az just so you know we are in a band called One Direction." Niall added.

"ok." She said. As we pulled up to the house and got out of the car Az was just stood gawping at the sheer size of it.


A/N- This is my first fanfic so if you like it and think I should carry on please comment.

Nikki x

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