Confessions of a nobody

Dwell upon the life of a considered 'nobody' Jayne, and find out what life leads her to, in the ultimate search to find herself. Will she become a 'somebody'? Or will she remain in the lowest rank. Jayne will carry out some seemingly outrageous tasks, in the 'Confessions of a nobody'.
Some say opposites attract, but we, we were exactly the same.


1. Life

My name is Jayne, and that’s Jayne, with a ‘y’. Jayne Bagans, that’s me. I’m 14, going on 15, this December and I’m the child of the failures of people that don’t even have the right to be named ‘parents’ and...I’m just a ‘nobody’ in a world full of ‘some-bodies’ – What exactly does that mean? I will endeavour to find that out, sooner or later.

   Life is like a video game, only I’m like a Level 1 on a difficulty setting of ‘expert’. Not sure if you’re going to win or lose. Well, if you do lose you have the option to try again, but I am sick of trying again, when everyone has already ‘been there, done that’.  So, seemingly the only option is to give up and what good does that get you? – Nothing.  You just become lower and lower in ranking, until you become so small that you’re considered as nothing. People say ‘live life to the full.’ But, how can you get to the ‘the full’, when you can barely even reach it? Although, when you die in video games, you can get back up and complete what you started [Well, that's the idea] However, no one truly knows where you go when you die. Are we reborn? Are we free to roam the earth as ourselves, but in an invisible nature? Or are we actually sent to heaven or hell, depending on our true nature? No one will ever know...Until you die, that is.

    The 'crazy ones' are the ones that laugh when there is nothing to laugh about...The ones with a large imagination and are open to everything. I believe that if you have never gone crazy, you honestly will never understand the meaning of life, or at least enjoy it. Maybe going 'crazy' is the only way that you can really, live life 'to the full'.

    I pity those who have never really found out who they are and the only way to ultimately discover your true self is through either a mild case of insanity, or a larger case. Either way, insanity isn't always a bad thing. Sure, it's a mental illness, so it's marked as a bad thing. But, if you think about it, the only reason insanity is marked as a bad thing is because it causes you to act differently from others. Your brain functions differently, you completely undermine the concept of morals and right and wrong. So, therefore, you're automatically classed as a 'bad person' because you're insane. However, insanity is only classed as this, because you're not like everyone else. Why do we use the term 'individuality' so freely? Because when we do finally find our true self, we are forced to stand back in line with everybody else.

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