Catching Feelings

Selena has applied for the job as a personal assistant for Justin Bieber 'Hottest Singer of All Time'. But is the real Justin anything like the man she thinks he is? And will his fame tear them apart? Or bring them closer together?


3. Introduction


Selena's POV


Justin Bieber raised an eyebrow and looked at my hand in....disgust? But reluctantly covered my hand with his. Him touching my hand felt like 10,000 volts of electricity were entering my body from his fingertips. Holy shit. That had most certainly never happened before! I watched as his gorgeous brown eyes widened before he let go of my hand. Had he felt it too? Maybe the wiring was faulty in this place. Maybe he was a robot. That made sense. Nobody should be so naturally incredibly good looking. I could see the headlines now: Justin Bieber Robots Available Today! Complete with an accompanying picture of hordes of women waiting in line like it was one of those bridal store sales that would-be brides flocked to. Replica Justins would take over the world but nobody would complain because he was so beautiful. How could it be possible that he was better looking in person than in sexy magazine spreads? It was inherently unfair.


I realized that he was sitting across from me now and glaring at me, drumming his fingers on the table. Did I do something wrong? His hands pushed through his hair, seemingly in frustration. I nearly whimpered out loud at seeing him caress his locks – how many times had I seen him do that in interviews and wished it was me who could run my hands through it.


"Ugh hell" he snarled, "Today's already up shit creak and then my best friend invites me to a club to introduce me to his girlfriend and her best friend who is probably some random fan who wants to find out more about me and use that information to get money. I hope she's signed the confidentiality clause. Because if she hasn't someone had better kick her scrawny ass out of here."


His eyes wandered over to me again, his face set in a stony expression. This wasn't how I imagined he would be. He was never like this in the interviews and when he was out in public. Was this the real him?


His cold eyes pierced into mine as he continued with his rant. "I bet she has posters of me all over her bedroom wall – don't you sweetheart?"


I gulped audibly at his question that seemed more like an accusation. I only had one poster of him and that would be ripped to the floor and thrown in the rubbish bin when I got home.


My fantasy had just disappeared – he was nothing like the man I had thought he was.


A predatory smirk pulled at his mouth before he turned back to Harry. "Let's get on with this shit then. I don't have all night, I have a show tomorrow morning."


That was my introduction to Justin Bieber.


A/N: Ooohh, was he like anything the Justin Bieber you thought he was gonna be ? Next chap will be up sooon ;) Love yaa xo

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