Catching Feelings

Selena has applied for the job as a personal assistant for Justin Bieber 'Hottest Singer of All Time'. But is the real Justin anything like the man she thinks he is? And will his fame tear them apart? Or bring them closer together?


2. First Impressions


Selena's POV


I was running late and Taylor was going to kill me. It wasn't my fault though. My manager had me taking extra shifts at The Grill as no one had been turning up. By the time I had finished, it was already after six. After I got home, showered and changed it was already quarter to eight. I wouldn't be there on time and she was going to have a fit.


Hmm, is it better to let her know I'll be late and deal with her angry texts and phone calls or just show up? She'd have to play nice in front of "her Hazza" and his friend, so that was probably the best bet. The wrath of Taylor was not something I cared to experience if I didn't have to. She could rage at me later. At least I was wearing the short black Gucci dress she'd demanded, right? I'd washed, dried and fixed my hair, curling it so it fell in soft waves around my face. I was even wearing makeup. Taylor might hate my tardiness but at least she'd approve of my appearance. I was going to be late either way. This was more effort than I tended to make for my own dates, which might be why I rarely had any, come to think of it. Like I cared.


I got back into my trusty silver Audi and drove in the direction of Tempt. It was a 20 minute drive from my apartment. Why was I doing this again? Oh yes, because I loved my best friend. Foolish of me, really. I could always find a new best friend, though I could never find another Taylor. She often drove me batty but usually she was right about things. Every shopping trip we took that I thought I would hate I ended up having the time of my life. She cajoled and pushed; I bitched and moaned and somehow we complimented one another perfectly.


I turned onto Canterbury Road and sighed when the giant club came into view. Walls of glass windows were everywhere in the two story building. There were two huge dance floors and each level had several bars. Taylor being Taylor had procured us seats in the VIP room at Tempt. I pulled up to the valet area and stepped reluctantly out of the car.


The valet took my keys and gave me a ticket, directing me to the front floor entrance of Tempt. There I encountered a hulking figure of a man, looking ultra serious dressed all in black. I thought about turning around and getting back in the car but the valet had already absconded with it. I took a deep breath and approached the huge guy. "I need to see your ID, Miss," he said in a deep baritone.


I gulped and dug it out of my wallet. "Selena Gomez? You're on the VIP list." I tried not to be offended at the surprise in his voice. I really didn't look like the VIP type so I couldn't blame him. You could dress me up in Gucci but that didn't make me a VIP. I'd rather be in jeans and a t-shirt any day.


"Uh, where is the VIP room?" I'd only been to this place once and that was with Taylor, of course. We hadn't been on the VIP list then though. She must be doing some work for the club to earn that status. 


"Up the stairs, to the right, all the way around back. You'll have to show your ID again once you get there so you may as well hold onto it," he told me gruffly, already turning away from me to card some other people that had come up behind me. I took a breath and entered the club.


I was immediately assaulted by the pulsing beat of a One Direction song. "Live While We're Young" was blaring over the speakers and bodies were gyrating in the center of the dance floor. I bobbed my head to the beat but stayed the hell away from that mess, heading to the stairs and walking up carefully. 


I gripped the railing for dear life as I made my way up and breathed a sigh of relief when I managed to make the top without falling. My clumsy days were mostly behind me, except when I was wearing stilettos. Damn Taylor and her ridiculous taste in shoes.


I shoved my through the crowd, already irritated at the huge mass of people in my way. Why were they all out on a Monday night? Did nobody have to work tomorrow? I felt like I'd been in the ring with the champ for five rounds by the time I made my way to the VIP area. Another hugely muscled man was standing at the door, this one with a completely shaved head. I handed him my ID and he checked it against his list. Yes, same Selena Gomez as I was downstairs. Really, how VIP is their damn VIP room anyway? He stepped back and opened the glass door, gesturing me inside.


I took a minute to take in my surroundings. Taylor clearly didn't know I was here yet because she would have called me over instantly. It was dark inside and actually relatively quiet. The music played here but at a level that didn't require screaming to hear your friends. There was a bar at the front of the room, filled with any kind of liquor you could want, all of it looking pretty top shelf to me. Not that I would know, personally, but the bottles were very pretty. There were booths along the other three sides of the room and I walked slowly past each one, looking for my friend and her mystery guy. And his friend, of course, the sour voice in my head reminded me. It's only an hour, Selena, you'll survive. I hoped so.


I glanced to the far right corner, just two booths down from the bar and there she was. It was funny how she managed to stand out in any situation. She was in a red halter top and short black skirt and knee high black boots. She was, in a word, stunning. I shook my head as I took in my best friend, positively glowing with happiness as she chattered at the curly headed guy next to her. His head was turned toward her, facing me, so I couldn't get a look at him until I got to the table. Someone was sitting next to him, it looked like, there was an empty beer there but whomever it belonged to was nowhere to be found.


I made my way over to them and stopped at the table. Taylor had her hand on Curly's arm and was completely oblivious to my presence. "Taylor?" Still nothing. "Taylor!" I raised my voice a couple decibels and it finally got through to her. She tore her eyes away from her Adonis and saw me. A huge smile broke out on her face.


"Selena!" She was up and out of the booth like a shot; her arms wrapped around me before I could even process the movement. "You made it!" There was no hint of censure in her tone and I felt myself relax infinitesimally, maybe she wasn't pissed that I was late.


"I said I would, didn't I?" I asked, returning her hug.


"You did! I can always count on you," she murmured softly, so that only I could hear. She pulled back and turned to her newest love at the table. "Selena, meet the love of my life, Harry. Hazza, this is my Selena." Harry? Well that was a hell of a lot better than if his name was actually Hazza, I guess.


I turned to hold out my hand to her date as he stood up from the booth, revealing a very tall, athletic frame. I felt my jaw drop open as I took in the face. Holy crap, he was a musician after all, the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction.


"Selena, it's very good to meet you. Taylor has told me so much about you," he said, taking my hand in his and bringing it to his lips. I chuckled at his British accent.


"It's nice to meet you, too, Harry. I'm afraid that Taylor didn't do the same for me regarding you." I shot a glare at her. "I didn't think you would be a member from One Direction." She shrugged and scooted back into the booth next to him. I sat down next to her.


He laughed long and hard at that one. "Well, now you know! Anyway, this is my boy. Selena, meet Justin. Justin, this is Selena."


Justin? It couldn't be, could it? Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I turned. Right next to me was a body clad in blue jeans. I slowly dragged my eyes upwards, taking in the black button down shirt that stretched across a truly gorgeous chest. I gulped as my eyes continued their journey, over two beautifully sculpted shoulders. It had to be him. It couldn't be but it had to be. I looked up further and saw the jaw and then I knew. It was him. Justin Bieber. Oh crap.


A/N: Yay ! So that was the second chapter...please comment below and lemme know what you think :)

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