Catching Feelings

Selena has applied for the job as a personal assistant for Justin Bieber 'Hottest Singer of All Time'. But is the real Justin anything like the man she thinks he is? And will his fame tear them apart? Or bring them closer together?


1. Where It All Began


Heey you guys ! I know I haven't exactly finished my previous fanfic, but I had this sudden brainwave and decided to create a new one. I still will be updating chapters on my other fanfic but also this one as well.

Ooh and I know Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up in real life, but I can't think of anyone Taylor has dated, so I'm just going to use Harry haha. So sorry to whoever that doesn't approve, please forgive me. And everyone just pretend that Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are best friends for my sake ;) I hope you all enjoy this one ! Thank you xo


Selena's POV


What to do first? Finish watching the latest episode starring Ariana Grande or go on YouTube and fangirl over One Direction? I brushed my brown long hair out of my face and frowned at my ancient computer screen. Would a flat screen monitor really break the bank?


I was just in the middle of making a decision when the ringing of my cell phone broke my concentration. I looked at the phone with a combination of happiness and trepidation. I hadn't talked to Taylor in two weeks and that usually meant one of two things. Either she'd met a new guy and was in love, which happened with alarming regularity, or she'd come up with a new convincing way to get me to go shopping with her. But if I didn't answer, she'd just keep calling until I did.


"Hey, Taylor."


"Selena! I have the best news!" Sure she did. She always did.


"What news would that be?"


"I met him!" So, it was option number one. She was in love again. Damn, this would not be good. It never was.


"That's great, Taylor." My voice could not have been any flatter. Woah wait what? Apparently some famous singer's previous PA quit to go to law school, and he's looking for a replacement? Hm, wonder if I should take the job...


"Selena! Are you listening to me?" Crap, I hadn't been. She'd said something about how she met whoever it was but I hadn't processed it.


"Sorry, Taylor, doing some research."


"Humph. I haven't talked to you in two weeks and you're too busy to listen to me now? I'm telling you, he's the one!" Of course he was; they were always the one, until three weeks later when a new "one" came along. Taylor was a romantic at heart, she believed in love at first sight. The problem was she saw a lot of people. One guy replaced another then another…I couldn't begin to keep up.


I sighed and turned away from my monitor, looking out the window at the building next door. "Okay, how did you meet him?" If I didn't break down and ask she'd just harass me until I did. It was better to give in than turn the inner pest inside her loose.


"At that charity fashion show I arranged! He was in the front row and one of my male models didn't show up so I bullied him into joining the show for me. He was a big hit!" Well at least I wasn't the only person that fell in line when Taylor started giving orders.


"I'm sure he was." I waited for her to get to the point of her phone call. She never just wanted to chat about the guys; I always had to meet them.


"So we're getting together tomorrow night! Can you meet us at Tempt at eight?" And there it was.


"Listen, Taylor…"


"No, you listen, Selena! This is important to me. He is important to me. I already know what you're going to say so don't even say it. He is the one. Period." She'd said that before, though not quite as adamantly as she was now.


"If I go…" she cut me off with a squeal of excitement. "And I'm not saying I will…" Who was I kidding? I'd go, I always did. "Then I'm only going for an hour or so. I have a shift to cover at The Grill on Friday." Work, always a good excuse. I seriously need a new job.


And the shrieking was back full force. "Oh, Selena, I can't wait! I told my Hazza all about you and he's very anxious to meet you." Hazza? Oh hell no, it was another musician. 


"Hazz?" I asked, fear in my tone.


"Yes! My Hazza! Wait until you see him, Selena. He's gorgeous. Tall and lean with soft brown curls, but his muscles! Oh my God." And she was off, rhapsodizing about the hotness of her boytoy. I turned back to my computer and started calculating the chance of me getting accepted as the singer's PA while she droned on and on. "And I swear it's not a set up, I just really need you there for moral support."


Wait…what? "What are you talking about?"


"Did you tune me out again? Damn it, Selena, how could you do that? I finally found Mr. Right and you're completely ignoring me!"


"I'm not ignoring you, Taylor, I'm trying to work. What were you saying about a set up?" I tried, and failed, to keep the exasperation out of my tone.


"It's not a set up. It's just that Hazza wants me to meet his best friend so he's bringing him and I'm bringing you for moral support. Meeting the best friend is important and I don't want to mess it up! I need back up!" Oh, hell no.


"Taylor, you know I have no interest in dating anyone right now. I'm too busy and…"


"And you don't have time for a guy in your life. You're perfectly content being alone and you're completely over that jerk. Yes, I know, Selena, I've heard it a thousand times before. I swear I'm not trying to set you up with anyone. I just need you there to help keep the conversation going and make me look good. That's not too much to ask is it?"


I glared at my computer screen as I thought about what she'd said. She hadn't tried to set me up in a long time so it was entirely possible that what she was saying was true. And I loved her and wanted her to be happy, even if her happiness was dependent on whoever the latest guy in her life was. Could I endure one hour of entertaining the best friend? "Alright I'll do it, but you owe me big time."


"Thank you, Selena! You're the best friend in the entire universe. Wear the Gucci dress I got you last Christmas!" And she was off. What the hell had I just agreed to?


A/N: Sooo, first chap, what do you think ? Should I continue ? Comments are greatly appreciated haha thanks !

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