An Innocent Smile Hides The Darkness

A normal 14 years old teenager who would think she'll never meet her idols; Union J, but what happens when Ellie Roche-Payne finally gets her lifelong dream to meet her idols?

P.S If you have twitter, then go on this link and sign the petition for El and Beth;


3. The Tickets (Ellie's version)

"I have a surprise for you," Louis said mysteriously, his hands behind his back.

"What is it?" I ask suspiciously, getting nervous because his surprise was usually a smelly old shoe he found under his bed or a water balloon about to burst.

"You'll see..." he smirked, waving a huge envelope in the air addressed to 'The Special Sister' and I looked at it carefully, confused. "I typed The Special Sister in the name box while booking the tickets," the words slipped out of his mouth, and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"Tickets to what?" I question, jumping up to try and snatch the envelope from his hands, but he, as always, was too tall.

"Union J!" he cheered, laughing as he handed me the envelope. Taking the envelope from his hands, my own hands were shaking as I ripped open the envelope, to take out six tickets. Three of them were normal tickets for one date, and the other three were VIP backstage passes for another date. Both of them were to see Union J.

"Is this genuine?" I ask suspiciously, my eyes lighting up a bit and a smile crept up on my face.

"Yup. 100%. I paid for it," Louis replied, grinning.

"Seriously?!" I exclaimed, about to scream in excitement. He nodded in response and I flung my arms around him, hugging him tightly. After a long embrace, I ran upstairs and found my phone, immediately tweeting on Twitter; '@UnionJworld My dreams are coming true! Gonna see you guys on your tour! Three VIP backstage passes woop woop!'

I didn't realise that my day would get even better as I refreshed my Twitter feed and my phone vibrated, indicating a respone or a tweet from my favourite accounts.

@UnionJworld: @LilMonkeyEl Yay! Can't wait to see you there! George xx

My heart melted, and there were soon tweets flowing in, mentioning the fact that George added an extra kiss at the end of his tweet, and as Louis came into my room to check and see if I was okay, my cheeks were glowing red.

"Aww is lil El blushing?" he teased, poking my cheek, and I slapped his hand away, blushing more. He peered at my phone, and he made embarrassing kissing noises. "GEORGE AND ELLIE SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" he sang loudly, not to mention badly.

"Shut up!" I whine, shoving him.

"George's got a crush on you!" Louis laughed in a smug way, shoving me back and he ran downstairs, making me chase after him and jump on my back.

"You're still the best brother ever!" I laugh, poking his cheek. He is really the best big brother ever.

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