An Innocent Smile Hides The Darkness

A normal 14 years old teenager who would think she'll never meet her idols; Union J, but what happens when Ellie Roche-Payne finally gets her lifelong dream to meet her idols?

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2. The Best Brother Ever (Louis's Version)

"Louis!" Ellie would yell, and I'd come rushing to her, only to see her sobbing at her laptop which showed a picture of George Shelley from Union J. I would be so bewildered.

"What's wrong?" I'd ask, and she'd repeatedly poke the laptop screen, making me even more confused. "What about this gay lad?" I'd question, and she'd stop sobbing, and just glare at me. 

"He's too sexy and adorable, it's illegal, and he's not gay!" she'd snap and go back to looking through George Shelley's tweets on Twitter. She would have these crazy fangirl moments, crying about George. If I'm honest, I would say she's a too emotional fan.

Right now, she's upstairs in her room, asleep, and having no idea I'm about to do something that would make me the best brother ever. Just click here, type in my number, click on a couple more of buttons, and there we go! Three tickets to one of the shows on Union J's tour and three backstage VIP tickets for another concert of Union J's. Surely Ellie would love me forever and ever. Wait... what was that noise? Light, dainty footsteps... Ellie's awake! Shit. I hurriedly type in our address so the tickets could be delivered, and I paid for it, and clicked confirm.

"What are you doing?" Ellie asked, rubbing her eyes tiredly, yawning. Successfully switching the laptop off in time, I grin innocently, shrugging. 

"Just talking to the girlfriend," I replied, lying.

"Who is the new girlfriend?" she asked. Damn... she knew I'd broke up with Holly a couple of weeks ago.

"Selena Gomez," I answer, smirking lightly.

"Oh that's just a shame. Did you even know that Selena is back with Justin?" she sneered, crossing her arms.

"Really?" my face dropped, my smirk fading fast.

"Just kidding!" she laughed, running back up the stairs. My little sister was a horror sometimes. But I still love her, in a family way obviously.

"YOU STILL LOVE ME ANYWAY!" I yell, chuckling.

"I DO!" she shouted back, and that was it. Our typical 'argument'.

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