Please Remember

Jasmine always told Liam, "If we ever break up then please don't forget me. Please remember me." But after everything that happened to Jasmine it's now Liam who is begging her, "Please remember, remember our love, remember me, remember our memories. I need you with me, in my arms, please."


1. 1

She was the one who made his bad days better. She put a smile on his face when no one else could. She could get him to laugh even when there were tears running down his cheeks. She was the only one he couldn't stay mad at. She committed the perfect crime, she stole his heart. He let her take his heart and told her, "Don't drop it." She gave him her heart in return and said, "Keep it safe." They were the couple who acted like lovers and best friends at the same time. harry would always look at them and say, "You guys look so happy together." Niall would say, "Their perfect for each other." He would be her protector and she would be his princess. They've been dating for two year and even then they still got butterflies in their stomach and sparks when they kissed. He made sure to call her beautiful everyday and ever time he did her cheeks would turn a shade of red. She was perfect to him even when she wore no make up and her hair was a mess.

"Nothing could go wrong, everything is just perfect." Liam said looking over at Jasmine, but he spoke too soon. While he took his eyes off the road to look at his girlfriend he ran threw a red light, a car smashing into them. Both their smiles fading, the car turning, spinning around several times. Jasmine hitting her head several times, more than Liam. The huge car that smashed into them hit her side. Once the car stopped, she was unconscious and Liam couldn't move to help her, the car upside down, he was stuck. Sirens soon taking out the silent night. They got Liam and Jasmine out of the car and placed into the back of the ambulance.


Liam broke his leg but that wasn't even compared to what happened to Jasmine. She lay in the hospital bed, in a coma. Liam never left her side, wanting her to wake up. He grabs her hand and places small kisses on the back of it as he whispers on her skin, "Please wake up, I wouldn't know what to do if you never wake up. Please, come back to me. Please, please, please."

Every night she heard him ask her to come back, to wake up. She could see him and she would try to talk to him but he would never hear her, "I'm right here." She replies. "I'm awake, can you see me? Can you hear me?"

But in reality she isn't talking or moving. Her eyes shut and the only thing moving is her chest, up and down as she breaths.

She wouldn't know who the strange man was by her side, but he never left, he always sat there crying. She wanted to come back for him, so he would stop crying, so she could tell him that she was okay, so she could figure out who he was. He had a buzz cut, big brown eyes, she often wondered if he was her boyfriend but she never knew, could never find out if he was.

Two months have passed since the car accident, Liam's leg isn't broke any more but his heart is, it's shattered. Everyone knew how much she meant to him, this was breaking everyone's heart too. The boys would come visit, to talk to Liam, they would try to talk to Jasmine to get her to wake up but it never worked. Some of the boys have told him that he should leave, that he needs to keep going with his life, they don't want to watch him sit in the hospital for years.


Three months have passed and Liam still sat there, by her side, trying to get her to wake up. "Please open your eyes, let me see those blue orbs."

She heard him, "I'll try." She spoke of course he didn't hear but she still said it. She used all her strength to try to open her eyes, making herself sweat but not making her eyes open. She tried, over and over again until she whimpered as pain shot threw her head.

Liam sat there when he felt Jasmine's finger twitch, he looked at her face and saw her eyebrows down in a frown. He tilted his head looking at her, observing, watching, waiting. His eyes opened wide as he saw Jasmine's eyes flutter open, looking into her ocean blue eyes again. He thought he was a dream but it wasn't, she was awake! She squeezed his hand and looked over at him she whispered, "I opened them for you. I saw you cry every night, I could hear you talk to me all the time but this time, you wanted to see my eyes. I forced my eyes open with every muscle in my body." He smiled and called for a doctor to come. Shocked that she was awake they started to do tests on her.

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