Save You Tonight

Nicole was abused by her father ever since her mother and brother died. When Nicole turned 16, she was kicked out onto the streets with nothing ... including her voice. All she wished was for someone to help her. And , someone did , but not any normal everyday guy.


3. Loss of Words

I looked up at Niall. What was I supposed to say? I wanted to speak, but somehow, I can't.


"Come on," Niall said, "You can tell me... can't you?" How am I supposed to tell him. I looked up at him again. He was still waiting for an answer. I slowly shook my head. Louis looked at me suspiciously.


"What do you mean?" Louis asked. I shook my head again. This time I clutched my throat while shaking my head. They looked at me curiously, then Niall's eyes widened.


"Maybe she can't talk!" Niall exclaimed, proud of himself, because he figured out the answer. I nodded violently.


"Okay, you got the answer, but why can't she talk?" Louis asked. I hung my head. It was like playing a never-ending game of charades.


"Um, do you have a sore throat and you lost your voice because of that?" Niall asked quickly, as though he actually was playing charades. I shook my head.


"Could you talk before?" Louis asked. I nodded my head.


"Um is it some sort if disease that caused this?" Niall asked. I shook my head. This was going no where. Niall put his hand on his head while he thought.


"Maybe if we call the doctor or something they can figure out what's wrong!" Niall exclaimed.


"Yes!" Louis exclaimed, while hitting his fist against the palm of his hand. He pulled out his phone and pushed a few buttons and soon had his phone against his ear. I shook my head trying to tell them not to call the doctor. The doctor wouldn't be able to help me with my problem.


"Don't be scared, it's just the doctor," Niall tried to reassure me. I give up. Soon the doctor will see that it's not some sickness that's caused me to not talk. Within a few minutes, Louis hung up the phone.


"Okay, the doctor will be here in half an hour," Louis announced, "Until then, we can......"


"Eat!" Niall exclaimed. Louis smiled.


"Yes!" Louis exclaimed, "Good idea!"


Niall beckoned for me to follow them into the kitchen. I followed behind shyly. When we reached the kitchen, I stood in awe. I knew the house looked pretty from outside, but the inside was amazing. There was a huge T.V. in the kitchen. A beautiful counter with barstools stood in front of the oven and fridge. The counter was granite. On the other side of the kitchen was a room with a huge couch and a giant flatscreen on the wall. I stood there with my mouth gaping open. Louis walked up to me and closed my mouth for me.


"Close your mouth," Louis joked, "You'll catch flies!"


They both laughed as I frowned. Then, Niall walked over to the fridge and started pulling random food out. Louis pulled out three spoons.


"Dig in!" Louis yelled. Niall and Louis grabbed a spoon and started digging into random containers of food. Niall looked at me suspiciously.


"Aren't you hungry?" he asked, his mouth still full. I smiled, looking at his mouth full of food. He handed me a spoon and I dug into a container of ice cream. It was really good, I'm surprised their parents would let them do something like this. We continued eating when suddenly Louis cried out, "The doctor will be here in five minutes! We gotta clean up!"


They quickly threw the food in the fridge and the spoons into the dishwasher. Then, just as we finished, the doorbell rang. Louis ran over to the hallway to answer it. I heard them greet each other. Louis led the doctor into the kitchen.


"Ah, so this is the person you want me to take a look at?" the doctor asked Louis. He nodded. The doctor was an old man with white hair. He seemed cheerful, which made me feel better. He set his bag on the counter and pulled out some tools.


"Hello," he greeted, "I'm Dr. Anderson, do you mind if I check out your throat to see if there are any problems?"


I shook my head, and he continued on. He looked at my throat and examined me. After about fifthteen minutes, he put his tools away.


"So, what's wrong with her?" Louis asked.


"Nothing," Dr Anderson replied.


"Nothing?" Niall asked, "Then, why won't she talk?"


"I'm not sure, but it might be because of something that happened to her, or she's just scared of you," he replied.


"Scared of us?" Louis asked, "You're not scared of us are you?"


I shook my head.


"I got to go," Dr. Anderson said, and Louis led him out. Niall smiled at me, trying to make me feel better like he did the first time we met. Every time he smiles, I feel a little happy inside, and I don't want him to leave me. I'm scared what will happen when I have no one again. I don't want to feel that horrible loneliness again.

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