Save You Tonight

Nicole was abused by her father ever since her mother and brother died. When Nicole turned 16, she was kicked out onto the streets with nothing ... including her voice. All she wished was for someone to help her. And , someone did , but not any normal everyday guy.


4. A Good Idea and A Bad Idea

"Okay, um, so there's no way we can get you to talk?" Niall asked. I looked at the floor and slowly shook my head. I felt so bad about not being able to talk to them, but somehow, I couldn't speak. I'm way too nervous to speak. If I do, who knows what will happen to me. I can't trust anyone anymore, not even Niall.


"There's got to be some way we can figure out your name...." Louis said, then his eyes lit up and he stood up, "You can write, can't you!?”


I nodded. Louis ran into the kitchen and threw open one of the drawers. Louis pulled out a pad of paper and a pen. He ran back over to us and handed me the paper and pen. Niall and Louis led me over to the counter and sat me down.


“Okay, write down your name for us… please,” Niall commanded, politely. I placed the pad of paper on the counter and gripped the pen. I carefully wrote my name.


(Writing in italics)


Nicole Everense


“Okay, um, how old are you?” Louis asked.




“Where do you live?” Niall asked. I paused for a moment and wrote slower than usual.


I don’t have a home, anymore


Louis and Niall grew silent. Niall muttered, “Do you have parents?”


I really do not want to answer this one, they may send me back to Father.


Sort of


“What do you mean sort of?” Louis asked.


My Father made me leave home.


Niall and Louis looked sad. I don’t want them to pity me, I don’t deserve it.


“I don’t think your father was serious, was he?” Louis asked me. I nodded and wrote:


He was


“Maybe we should go talk to him,” Niall suggested. I violently shook my head.


“Come on, Nicole, it’ll be fine, tell us your Father’s name,” Louis said, kindly. My eyes grew wide with fear. They can’t make me do this! I’d rather die than go back to Father. If I do, Father would kill me anyways.


“Nicole,” Niall said, “We can make things better with your Father, we promise you.”


I shook my head. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.


“If you don’t tell us, we’ll find out ourselves,” Louis stated firmly. I held back the tears and slowly wrote down his name.


Robert Everense


Louis pulled out his phone. He was probably searching up Father’s name to find his address.


“Ah!” Louis exclaimed, “Here it is! Let’s go!”


They just don’t understand. I guess, I have no choice, but to let them find out for themselves.


Niall and Louis dragged me out to their garage.


“Come, on Nicole!” Louis complained, “Stop being so resistant!”


Eventually, they were able to push me into the back seat. Louis sat in the driver’s seat and Niall in the passenger’s. As we pulled out of the garage, I saw a few fans lined up. There weren’t as many, because it was so late. As we started driving on the road, I started to feel extremely nervous. I pulled my knees up and put my head on my knees, so I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, I felt the car stop. We’re here. I can’t look. Niall and Louis got out the car. Niall opened my door and pried me out of the car. I gulped, once I saw the messy looking house.


"It's okay, Nicole," Niall tried to reassure me. It didn't work. Both of them pulled me up to the front door. Louis rang the doorbell. My heart stopped. Then, Father answered the door. I smelled the alcohol, he was obviously drunk. He saw the two boys, and then... me. Once his eyes set upon me, he glared at me. I gulped. He snatched me away from Louis and Niall's arms, the only comfort I had and pulled me inside. With the door still open, he hit me. Niall and Louis jumped and quickly ran inside and tried to pull me away from Father. He hit Niall, causing him to fall backwards. I began to cry. He could hurt me, but not them. That made Father furious. He hit me one more time, before Niall and Louis were able to pull me away from him and out the door. We ran to the car and Louis immediately started it up. Father started after us, but before he could reach us, Louis sped out of the driveway. Not a word was said as we drove back. Once we were in the garage, Louis immediately shut the garage door. We sprinted into the house and locked the door behind us. Niall and Louis turned to me in shock. Then, I couldn't take it anymore, I started to sob.

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