Valburton School for Girls

Phoenix Cotton is a kind of awkward teenage girl, who struggles with battles with herself a lot of the time. She hangs around with her mates, who try to do what they can for her happiness, even through their own problems. She goes to the local school, doesn't always do her homework, argues with teachers, despises judgemental people. But one day a letter comes through the post that changes everything, she is going to Valburton School for Girls.

(Yellow rating content given due to moderate swearing, smoking and alcohol consumption)


1. Preface

I guess some people are lucky, and they're happy with what they have in life, you know, content with the way things have worked out. But that's never happened for me, no matter how many people I have with me who appear to like me, I always feel like I need more; no matter how good my grades were, and, I'll be modest, they're pretty good, I always feel like I need to do better. 

Perhaps this is because of my mother, who never seems to be completely happy with what I do. Put it this way, she only sees the grades higher than what I achieve because in her mind if I could have got a better grade, then I should have got a better grade. She's a pessimist; she only looks in the down side of things. Nevertheless, perhaps my attitude isn't down to my mother, perhaps it's down to me always wanting more than I have and, frankly, being a spoilt brat. Anyway, lets leave the subject of why I am the way I am, dwelling on it does no good. For now, I'll just carry on as normal. 

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