This a story about fraternal twins named Felicity and Megan. They've been in foster care for 5 years since their parents died in a plane crash. The funny thing about these two, Felicity was born one minute earlier than Megan on December 31st at 11:59pm and Megan was born on January 1st at 12:00am. They have just celebrated their 14 birthdays when their adopted. Adopted by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! This is a dream come true for the girls. Only one thing is standing in their way of a bright, happy future. What is it? Their dark, sad past. Will their past ruin their chance at a happy future? or will their new family help them get through it. Read to find out in " LOUIS TOMLINSON??!!"


2. This is Me (by:thetriggershooter14)

My name is Megan J.. I am almost fifteen years old. I have a feternal twin named Felicity, but the only thing 'feternal' is our looks. We are exactly alike.Our parents were killed in a plane crash and we had three more years untill we inherited the billions of dollars the left. We promised we would travel the world when we got out. If we didn't get adopted......

Present day

Miss Sheafer came in and told us we have an hour.... We were being adopted. I packed my stuff in my rolling suitcase and Nike duffle bag. I took one last glance at the room we stayed in for the past five years. I wonder what the parents will be like. Do they have a basketball goal? Are they Miami Heat fans? Will they let me join summer leages? We took the last corner following Ms. Sheafer to see our new dad. Wait..... Is that Louis.... Louis TOMLINSON. Holy crap on a cracker. We are being adopted by him. I am going to die. "Well introduce yourselves." Ms. Sheafer said. I looked at her like she was bat shit crazy. "Excuse us for a moment," Felicity said. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" we screamed. We came back to find our grinning new 'dad'. Felicity introduced us and he took our bags to the car. I still hadn't said anything. My fingers traced the outlines on my Spalding bball. "So Megan," Louis began," I read you are very talented with that basketball." I smiled and said," I wouldn't consider myself that good." I'm pretty sure my face was bubble yum pink. I looked down at my outfit. Nike t-shirt and windpants. I had mismatched socks under my Air Jordan slides. My hair was in my famous, at the home, messy bun with nike headband. "Well when I saw you play those girls at the home Friday, you were pretty marvolus." I was taken aback. He saw me play! "T-thank you!" I smiled and said. Yup this is going to take some getting used to. "Were are we going?" Felicity asked. "To my house," Louis errm I mean Dad or something answered," but now it's OUR house!" I smiled and looked out the window at the lush hills. I put on my Beats ear buds and listened to my tunes. I really wasn't up for talking. I think I just lost my shot at summer leage, and he reminded me of dad. My last thought before drifting asleep was is this the happy ending me and Felicity were looking for?

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