This a story about fraternal twins named Felicity and Megan. They've been in foster care for 5 years since their parents died in a plane crash. The funny thing about these two, Felicity was born one minute earlier than Megan on December 31st at 11:59pm and Megan was born on January 1st at 12:00am. They have just celebrated their 14 birthdays when their adopted. Adopted by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! This is a dream come true for the girls. Only one thing is standing in their way of a bright, happy future. What is it? Their dark, sad past. Will their past ruin their chance at a happy future? or will their new family help them get through it. Read to find out in " LOUIS TOMLINSON??!!"


5. The Guys (by:<3Directioneer99<3)


  I woke up standing by a window in a strange room. When I looked down, I saw that I had my knife in my hand. I looked around and saw my sister standing a few feet away in a defense position and Louis Tomlinson? Then, everything came rushing back to me. The adoption, the house, the dream. I broke down in tears. I can't believe this. I haven't had that dream in months! I looked at Louis again and saw that he was developing a black eye and had blood running from his nose. Darn it!!!! Not even a day here and I've already hert my new dad!

  Jayy (Megan) noticed that I was finally awake. "FINALLY!! I thought you were about to-" she trailed off when she saw that I was crying. She swept me up into a big hug and whispered in my ear, "It's OK. Felicity, please don't cry. You didn't hurt anyone." At that, Louis 'harrumphed' because I had caused him bodily harm. "OK so, maybe one person..." I went to him with a fresh wave of tears flowing down my face. "Daddy!!! I'm soooooo sorry!!!! I swear that I didn't..." he shut me up by pulling me into a hug, stroking my hair, and saying that he already forgave me.

  After they calmed me down, I shooed them out of my room and went to take a shower. While I was waiting for the water to heat up, I looked at the scars on my wrists. I promised Jayy that I'd never cut again but...I really needed some relief. I went into my room and found my razor. I had first started after the plane crash and stopped after the last time I had the nightmare because Jayy had found me after I had cut too deep in the wrong place. I woke up in the hospital to find a very angry and worried Jayy by my side. She made me promise to NEVER cut again but...she didn't really understand why I was hurting myself. You see, her mind never really grasped what had happened to our parents. She didn't remember the crash but, part of her knew but the rest of her didn't believe it. She hasn't really talked since then. I'm the only person that she will talk too so, she uses me to  communicate with other people.

  I stepped under the hot water and brought the blade to my wrist. At first, the pain was unfamiliar. But after a moment, I welcomed it like an old friend. I made contact with the blade a few more times and stopped. I set the razor on one of the shower shelves and proceeded to wash the blood away and do my hair. When I stepped out, I wrapped a black towel around my body and a black wash-cloth around my wrist. I dried myself and got dressed in a 'keep calm and call Batman' t-shirt, dark grey distressed skinny jeans, batman DC's, batman snap back over me long wavy, blonde hair, batman shades, batman zipper hoodie that I left unzipped, batman nylon bracelet batman earrings, and a Dark Knight batman necklace. I did my classic black eyeliner, black sparkly eye-shadow, light foundation (I'm REALLY pale), and light pink lip-gloss. ( If you're wondering why I'm wearing a hoodie, its the middle of November, it's almost always raining, and I need to hide the fresh cuts on my wrist somehow.

  I followed the smell of pancakes to the kitchen where I found the one and only Harold Edward Styles, cooking breakfast. I decided to be funny and go up behind him, wrap my arms around his waist, and whisper "Goodmorning Mr. Styles" in his ear. He sure did jump about five feet in the air. It would have been funny except for the fact that when he spazed, he hit my wrist and made it bleed again. I also yelped in pain but covered it up with a laugh. There was absolutely no way I was gonna let Jayy find out about my cutting again.

  Jayy rushed into the kitchen, followed closely by Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. I was laughing so hard that I was crying and Harry wasn't helping matters at all. He was hopping around while holding his hand and trying to keep from letting out a string of curse words because his hand had landed on the hot pan. All of the boys stopped and stared wide-eyed at me. Even my own sister was surprised. It was very rare for me to have makeup on. I usually hated the stuff and was too lazy to put it on but, today was different.

  After introductions (that weren't really necessary) were made, we all dug in. Especially Niall and I. Niall James Horan, the very definition of Irish perfection. He was my roll model. I admired him so much. We had a eating contest. We tied because we ran out of food. Dad announced that we were going SHOPPING!!!!!! YAY!!! I absolutely LOVE to shop! Today was going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!! 

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