This a story about fraternal twins named Felicity and Megan. They've been in foster care for 5 years since their parents died in a plane crash. The funny thing about these two, Felicity was born one minute earlier than Megan on December 31st at 11:59pm and Megan was born on January 1st at 12:00am. They have just celebrated their 14 birthdays when their adopted. Adopted by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! This is a dream come true for the girls. Only one thing is standing in their way of a bright, happy future. What is it? Their dark, sad past. Will their past ruin their chance at a happy future? or will their new family help them get through it. Read to find out in " LOUIS TOMLINSON??!!"


3. New Home and Meeting the Boys (by: <3Directioneer99<3)

  The ride in the limo was slightly awkward. Lou- I mean 'Dad' was complementing Megan on her basketball skills. Her face went bubble yum pink. She then put her Beats in her ears and started listening to her music. I was looking out the window and thinking. While I was doing that, I was absentmindedly fingering my football (soccer) charm bracelet. "That's a beautiful bracelet," Louis said suddenly, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Thank you. It was a birthday gift from Megan." I looked over a my sister and saw that she had her basketball/cheer charm bracelet on, too. Lou followed my gaze and saw what I was looking at. "And you gave her that one as well?" I nodded in confirmation.

  We pulled up to a HUGE house with lush green grass  and beautiful flowers in the front. There were three cars in the four car garage. One was Louis's, one was Harry's, and I didn't recognize the other one. I woke Megan and got our bags out of the trunk. We followed Lou up to the door and went inside. It was so big and very tastefully decorated. This was our new home. He lead us up the stairs to our rooms. Mine was black with pink trim and Megan's was black with puple trim. This was the first time I had my own room in years. Finaly a little privacy. Don't get me wrong,I love my sister but I need my space.

  I went to unpack. The dresser was pink with black accents. I was digging around in the bottom of my bag until I found the safe that Chance Jacob had given me before he was adopted a few years ago. He didn't tell me what was inside. He said that if we ever found each other again, he would give me the combination and I could finally find out what was inside. I finished unpacking, set the safe on my bedside table, laid down and fell asleep thinking about all the different possibilities.


  He was just laying there. His eyes were open. Staring up at the stars. "Chance?" No answer. "Chance?!!" Again, no answer. I ran to him. Oh God. There was BLOOD. Chance's blood. Oh God no! "CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I broke down sobbing. The one person who loved me when I had no one. I looked him over. I saw the source of all the blood. His neck. Someone had slit his throat. I looked into the surrounding shadows and saw the glint of a blade. A bloodstained blade. I split second later, it came flying out of the dark. Right at my heart. I barely had time to duck. I was too slow. The knife embedded itself into my shoulder. My attacker stepped out of the shadows. NO! It can't be him. He darted out. I screamed...

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