This a story about fraternal twins named Felicity and Megan. They've been in foster care for 5 years since their parents died in a plane crash. The funny thing about these two, Felicity was born one minute earlier than Megan on December 31st at 11:59pm and Megan was born on January 1st at 12:00am. They have just celebrated their 14 birthdays when their adopted. Adopted by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! This is a dream come true for the girls. Only one thing is standing in their way of a bright, happy future. What is it? Their dark, sad past. Will their past ruin their chance at a happy future? or will their new family help them get through it. Read to find out in " LOUIS TOMLINSON??!!"


4. My new Home (thetriggershooter14)

'Jayys' (Megan) POV


I woke up cuddled into a warm soft bed with white sheets and a cream colored comfeter. Mmmm this is nice just five more min- WAIT......this... is... not... my... bed!!!! I shot up and flew over to the wall. My heart was racing when I realized I was adopted and at my new home. I calmed down and looked at the room. It was HUDGE. The walls were a black color with purple highlights. I had a walk in closet and a hudge window with a beautiful view of a forest and lush hills.I even had a bathroom in my room!SWEET!!! I grinned,time to go get ready for my first day! I went to my suitcase and picked out my black nike racerback and my other set of black nike windpants and headed down the stairs. He must have carried me in last night. Aww how sweet. I had always been a early riser so I wasn't surprised to find Lou-dad (still getting use to that) reading a newspaper only in a pair of boxers. "Um morning?" I said slowly. He jumped like five feet in the air. "W-w-what are you doing here?" he looked spooked. I glanced up at the wall clock. 6:46. Oops. "Well I kinda wake up early and I couldn't sleep,so...." This officially got akward. "Uhh good to know. Now I will be right back I need to put some cloths on." He like half-walked-half-sprinted out. Um ok? I turned back and retraced my steps and found what I thought was the screening room and ploped on the leather couch. I heard footsteps behind me and um dad was there. "You want some breakfast? We have a very busy day today." Busy day? "Sure!" I responded. I followed him back to the kitchen. I honestly had got lost. He made pancakes and scrabbled eggs. MY FAVE!!!! I ate like a person who hadn't ate in like a year. He looked at me funny. "Heyy!! I'm a growing girl!" I said with a mouthful of eggs. He laughed. " I can see that!" I grinned and kept on eating. Last time I was at the Doc he told me I was going to be like 5'7/5'9ish. Looks like Mr. I-love-needles was right! Hehe. I began to ask,"What are we doing to-" "NOPE!!" Dad shouted, "no hints." Aww man. I guess I just have to wait and see. Darn I hate waiting! "So," Louis errmm dad said between bites,"why were the girls calling you Jayy?" "Uhh funny story," I muttered,"when we first got there, since we had classes in the home, we were supposed to introduce ourselves and I was asked what my name was and I mumbled 'Megan J.'. Well everybody thought I said 'Mega Jayy' so it kinda stuck, so yeah forever Jayy." I smiled at the memory.

                                                *Flash back*

"Oh my gosh! I love your name!" I turned to look at the brunnett who had spoken," Thank you!" I'd responded. "My names Katlynn!" Oh my gosh!! I loved that name! " Can I call you Kat?" I'd said shyly. "OMG!!!" she had practicly screeched," Somebody just gave ME a nickname!!!! Thank you Jayyyy!!" We hugged and from then on were BFF's, but sometimes more like partners in crime. We were known as the rebel twins, even by the Seniors! And we made a promise, NEVER let anything come between us. NEVER EVER! We pinky sweared and never went back on that promise.

                                          *End Flash Back*

  My thoughts were interrupted by my sister's bloodcurdling scream. I dropped everything and ran. Lou was right behind me. We busted into Felicity's room to see her thrashing around in her bed, tears streaming down her face. I stood back while Lou went over to her. He shook her. He shouldn't have done that because she opened her eyes and punched him right in the nose and jabbed him right in the eyes. "OOOWWW," he howled and jumped back. Felicity had that caged animal look in her eyes. I took a step toward her and she jumped back about 5 feet. It was gonna take forever to get her clamed down. I took another step toward her and she backed up against the wall. I kept advancing so, she pulled out her pocket knife that our dad gave her. This was serious. Oh, *facepalm* she must be having the assassin dream again. I seriously need to take that knife away from her.She's never told me who the assassin was. She always said that she didn't know but her eyes told a different story. I just hope that she snaps out of it before Lou's big surprise...

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