This a story about fraternal twins named Felicity and Megan. They've been in foster care for 5 years since their parents died in a plane crash. The funny thing about these two, Felicity was born one minute earlier than Megan on December 31st at 11:59pm and Megan was born on January 1st at 12:00am. They have just celebrated their 14 birthdays when their adopted. Adopted by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! This is a dream come true for the girls. Only one thing is standing in their way of a bright, happy future. What is it? Their dark, sad past. Will their past ruin their chance at a happy future? or will their new family help them get through it. Read to find out in " LOUIS TOMLINSON??!!"


11. Falling Glass (by:<3Directioneer99<3)

Flick's POV (Felicity)

~Six Weeks Later~

  Shopping. The one thing a girl loves more than her friends and family. We went shopping just like Dad had promised that we would.

  We were in a Dillards. Jayy and I were trying on dresses. Alyssa was just sitting there, on Twitter. El and Perrie were snapping pics and raving over how beautiful we looked. Jayy was in a strapless dress that was peach at the top and went to black. I was in a strapless turquoise dress with a white satin belt. We were both in a chess-board pattern dress. Jayy was in a denim top strapless dress that flared out with an A-Line skirt that was sky blue. I was in a midnight blue dress with a light brown belt that buckled in front with a bow. Jayy was in a midnight blue one sleeved dress with rhinestones around the wrist. I was in a sparkly peach strapless dress. Jayy was in a one strap dress with a feather pattern in white, lime green, and blue with black in between.

  We both ended up getting the checker-board pattern dress. Jayy got the midnight blue dress with the one sleeve and rhinestones around the wrist. I got the midnight blue dress with the brown belt around the waist. Alyssa, well, she didn't get anything. She's just weird that way.

  On our way home, we dropped Alyssa off at her house. I wasn't sure what but, something had changed in her and I didn't like it.

  Jayy and I were in the back, acting like total fangirls about random celebrities. El and Perrie were in the front having a serious discussion. "Girls, do you have your seatbelts on," El asked. "Yes, mum," Jayy and I answered in unison. "Just don't forget to..," the sound of a horn interrupted her. Jayy and I looked up to see the headlights of a bus.

  There was an awful crunching sound. I felt something hit my leg. I felt weightless for a moment then I felt the pain. There was what felt like glass everywhere in my body. I felt multiple snaps in my collarbone, leg, and arm. There was something warm and sticky running down my head and face and into my eyes. I couldn't see or move. I heard a ringing in my ears, screaming, and sirens.

  My sight cleared, if only barely. I couldn't find Jayy anywhere. I tried to call out but it felt as though my lips were sewn together. I felt arms grab me and lift me into an ambulance. The welcoming arms of death were open for me. I felt so sleepy. My eyelids drooped. I wanted to curl into the welcoming depths of the void. I wanted to meet God. I really wanted to see Mum and Dad again. But I couldn't because there was a persistent voice in my head that was telling me to hold on. Why? I asked the voice. There was no reason for me to feel the pain any longer than I had to. Hold on for Jayy. Hold on for Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and NIALL. Most importantly, hold on for Niall. I promised the voice that I would just before I slipped into unconsciousness.

   Louis POV

  Where were they. I got a text from Felicity saying that they were about to leave the mall ages ago. Don't worry, I told myself. They probably found something else to look at. I was ripped from my thoughts by the sound of my phone ringing. I jumped across the island to answer it. "Hello,"  I asked. "Is this Mr. Louis Tomlinson," a woman's voice asked. "Yes. How may I help you." "Mr. Tomlinson." she said in a sad voice, "your daughters are in the hospital. They were in a car accident. Ms. Elanor Calder and Ms. Perrie Edwards were not harmed but your girls are in critical condition." I took a deep, shaking breath. I felt the tears well into my eyes. "Do you think my babies will make it?" "It's too early to tell. We need you to come down here, if you can." "Of course I can! Me and the girls' uncles will be there as soon as we can." I hung up before she could say anything else.

  I broke. My girls were laying in the hospital, broken and alone. I sobbed. screaming at the sky, asking God why this had to happen. Why did he have to do this to my babies.

  I was interrupted by a hand on my shoulder. Zayn looked down on me with tears running down his face. "What hospital are they at." Those words clued me in to the fact that he was eavesdropping. Normally, I would scold him for doing that but, I don't have the energy. I just broke and sobbed even harder.

Zayn POV

  "Hello," Louis answered his phone. "Yes. How may I help you?" "Do you think my babies will make it?" Just by the sound of his voice I could tell that he was fighting back tears. "Of course I can! Me and the girls' uncles will be there as soon as we can." He hung up and started sobbing and screaming asking God why this had to happen to them.

  My heart shattered into a million pieces. Even though I was still with Perrie, in my heart I knew that I loved Felicity more than I have ever loved anyone else in my entire life. The doctors didn't know whether the girls were going to make it or not. My body was wracked with silent sobs as tears streamed down my face.

  I walked in and placed my had gently on Louis's shoulder. He stopped and looked up at me. "What hospital are they at," I asked. These words had two meanings. 1) I was eavesdropping and 2) I was here for him. He just started sobbing louder and harder. As did I.

Niall POV

  Louis had us gather in the living room. His eyes were red and puffy. So were Zayn's. What had happened to make them cry? My thoughts were interrupted my Louis's tear-soaked voice saying, "They were in a wreck. The girls. They don't know if they're going to make it." At his words, my heart shattered into a million little pieces. Felicity is the only girl I ever loved. Tears started flowing down my face. I can't lose the only girl in my life that I wanted to be mine. I didn't even get the chance to tell her. "We need to be strong for them. They need us," I said while heading for the door. Harry was hot on my heels.






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