i wasn't crying, the sun was in my eyes

this is a story all about how my life got twist-turned upside down


1. Yellow

Canary yellow dress drips in dark.
scars on your legs and feet. taxi cabs speed into the night.
for all the lights, you have not seen a stained-glass window.
you have not met Edison. but you know the creator. you bought the box in the back. the purest drug is happiness, but you don't write. soon as you describe the moment, gets burned to ashes, letters, words.
sadness is a song.
what language, what words? i cannot sing, but i will try, he said, and then we heard a beautiful melody. but it was not from him. it was merely his voice and words.
i trust you'll understand that when i do my dance, what i am really saying is, i want to love you. i want to love and be loved and feel love and not be hurt by love, but then again, maybe we shouldn't. maybe it is better here by the bar sipping slow my tequila, thinking of past loves, wondering what ever happened to her. there was only one thing left to do.

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