THE Liam Payne's sister!? No way!

Hi, I'm Hunter Payne! Yes Liam Payne's little sister by 2 minuets! You got it I'm his twin! Well, this is me and my interesting life!
Read to find out what happens!


2. The boys' get home!

It was the end of 4th hour. Lunch time! Yum! I'm starving! I put my books in my locker and went the lunch room. I saw Madison a.k.a Mick Jagger waiting for me. I got my lunch and sat down beside her. "Hey Mick Jagger!" I said. "Hey Hunter! I still need a nickname for you!" She siad. "Yeah you do!" I said. "Oh and the boys' are coming home for a 1 month visit do you want to spend the night and meet your favorite boy band!?" I asked. "No I don't want to spend the night and meet my all time favorite boy band!!" She said sarcastically. "Oh well to bad I'll tell my mum you said no!" I said also sarcastically. "YESSSS! I want spend the night!" She said. "I knew you wanted to!" I said. "Oh whatever no you didn't!" She said. "Yeah you're right i didn't know!" i said sarcastically. "I knew it!" She said. "Oh look it's Ms. Payne! I heard your gay brother and his gay boy band were coming home today!" The school jock Jimmy said. "Oh Jimmy, your life is so worthless all you do is stand around and make fun of people! Wow worthless! I'm sure your mom has to wipe your own ass for you! And my brother and his boy band get more girls then you'll ever get even if you lived for a thousand years! Now fuck off!" I said. I may look and act like a really nice, sweet, innocent girl but when you talk shit about my brother and his best mates I have a dark side! "Ooooo!" Everyone chanted. "This isn't over yet Payne!" He said. "Ooooo I'm so scared!" I said sarcastically. "Anyway Mick, after school go home pack then come to my house! Kay?" I said. "Okay!" Madison said. Then the bell rang. "Let's go to 5th hour." Madison said. "Okay." I said. 

                                                                      *END OF SCHOOL*

"See you latter, Hunter!" Madison said. "See ya!" I got in my car and drove home. I got home! I was SOO excited!! I got out of my car and walked to the door. Before I could open the door it swung open and there stood five guys! "AHHHH HIIIIIII!!!!!" I screamed. "Hey!" They all said. "I missed you soo much, Sis!" Liam said. "I missed all of you soo much!" I said while hugging Liam. Then I hugged Zayn, then Harry, then Louis, then Niall! "Hi Niall!" I said. "Hi Hun bun!" He said. I loved when he called me that and the way he always smelt and the way he talked in that sexy Irish accent! Harry snapped me out of my thoughts! "Hello? Earth to Hunter!" He said. "Oh sorry I got distracted!" I said. "Yeah you were staring at Niall the whole time!" Harry laughed. I blushed then looked at my feet! "Ooooo someone has a crush on Niall!" Louis sang! Then Niall blushed! "Shut up I do not!" I said hitting Louis' shoulder! "Owwww!" Louis whined. "Well I have a friend coming over and she is a MAJOR fan so be ready! Oh and she has a MASSIVE crush on Zayn!" I said.  

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