Broken Angels

Dylan's parents die in a shipwreck on their anniversary. Whenever Dylan has to move into her brother Lewis's apartment with his fiance Vicki across the country only to find out she has a guardian angel, her new best friend Erik falls in love with her, what will happen whenever she doesn't love him back? What happens whenever she falls in love with her guardian angel Liam? What will happen whenever her life falls out from under her? And most importantly, will Dylan make it through?


8. Ch. 8. What Is Going On

Right as I walk into the school cafeteria, I am instantly feel overwhelmed. So many people everywhere. Liam, who is by my side, nudges me, getting my attention. 


"Is it ok if we sit with Louis and Wren?"  he asks me. I nod as he leads me toward a flailing Louis and a laughing guy sitting next to him. As we get closer, I immediately feel safe and happy. I know I'm going to fit right in. 


"DYLAN!" Louis shrieks as he pops off of his seat, sprinting at me full-force. He engulfs me into a huge hug. I laugh. 


"Louiiiiiiiiisssss," I whine, "I can't BREATHE!" He finally lets go. 


"Sorry, I get a little excited sometimes..." He admits as I laugh. Liam sits down leaving a spot between the boy and himself. Louis sits on the other side of Liam, so I guess I have to sit by the stranger. 


As I sit down, the guy looks up at me and smiles genuinely. I smile back. I notice his eyes are two different colours, one is hazel and the other is brown to match his fluffy hair. I can already tell he is an amazing person.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Wren." He says while holding out a hand for me to shake.


"Dylan." I tell him while grabbing my sandwich and taking a bite out of it. As I'm about to take another bite, my fingers and wrists completely drop the food and burst into pain. I shriek before I look down at them, and see the scabbed-over fingers and bruised wrists. I gasp. What is going on? 


Liam immediately flys out of his chair and sprints to to napkin table and grabs a stack while Wren runs over to get ice. All while Louis sits in his chair trying to figure out what is going on. Right as both Liam and Wren get back, they stop hurting but a tingling still remains. Liam and Wren look down at my hands, as do I, yet nothing is there. He and Wren calmly sit down and use the iteams they brought for themselves. Even as confused as I am, Louis has to be more. 


"What is going on?" Louis asks.


Liam shrugs. "I thought i needed a few extra napkins. And I'm guessing Wren thought his drink was getting warm so he needed some ice, and we raced to see who could get back first." I look at Wren, who nods. "I guess Dylan just got freaked out from the sudden movement and dropped her sandwich, eh?" Liam asks me. I halfheartedly nod. Louis shrugs.


"Whatever." he says while continuing to eat his food. I look over at Wren and Liam, who both give me a "don't worry" look. I have to figure out what is going on.

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