Broken Angels

Dylan's parents die in a shipwreck on their anniversary. Whenever Dylan has to move into her brother Lewis's apartment with his fiance Vicki across the country only to find out she has a guardian angel, her new best friend Erik falls in love with her, what will happen whenever she doesn't love him back? What happens whenever she falls in love with her guardian angel Liam? What will happen whenever her life falls out from under her? And most importantly, will Dylan make it through?


5. Ch. 5. Gone

*A/N Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you that in a few chapters it will have some of One Direction in it. Enjoy! (: *


It has been nine days since my parents have left, and those last nine days have been great, besides the worrying, that is. My best friend Ell has been coming over basically everyday, and we have been having a blast with Ell. We have been going to the mall, parties, amusement parks, concerts, it has been one of the best weeks of my life, but I am starting to miss my parents and most defiantly missing Lewis and Vicki. I call Lewis every night, but it still isn't the  same without him here. I also pray every night that my dad, Trevor, and my mom, Rose, will make it to Heaven if they die on the cruise. 


"...Or this one?" asks Ell who points to a dress in an online catalog. I nod my head. 


"The one you're pointing to, for sure. The other one isn't colourful enough," I point out as Ell nods her head. She gives me a hug. 


"This  is why you're my best friend. You have the best taste!" she yells as I laugh. I bow. 


"Why, thank you, mi'lady." We both laugh as we zip through the magazines and catalogs on websites. Ell ends up purchasing five dresses, two shirts, three shorts, a pair of leggings, and seven pairs of shoes which comes out to over five hundred dollars. I, on the other hand, get two pairs of shoes, a pair of skinny jeans, two pairs of shorts, four shirts, and one dress which comes out to about two hundred and fifty dollars. I look at her sideways. 


"And how are you going to pay for all of this?" I ask her. She laughs evilly. 


"My grandparents are rich, Dylan. So, that makes me rich, too." She says with a flip of her hair. I laugh. "And because of this, and since I'm very nice, I already put your order onto my credit card as well." I stare at her wide-eyed.


"Are you kidding me? It'll take me forever to pay you back! I put all of that on my wish list! That means you'll buy everything on there for me, which comes out to like three thousand dollars!" I exclaim. Ell looks down. 


"Well crap," She whispers. But then she perks up. "Well, since it is my birthday next month, I guess I'll just ask my grandparents for a couple thousand dollars. Once I tell them what happened, they're bound to give me the money. I'm sure of it." She smiles. I sigh at her. 


"I'm still going  to have to pay you back, but whatever. I'll have to do it after college, sorry," I tell her with a look of sorrow. She shrugs.


"That was supposed to be your early birthday gift anyway, along with a room makeover, so I guess it was about the same as that anyway." she tells me reassuring. I give her a huge hug.


"And this is why you're my best friend." Ell gasps and pulls away.


"I'm your best friend because I give you stuff?" She says furiously. I laugh.


"No, of course not. Because you always look after others no matter the cost of yourself. THAT'S why you're my best friend." she smiles at me before giving me a hug.


"Now, that is a good reason," she chuckles. Her phone rings, and she pulls away. She glances down at the screen. She mouths, "Mom."  I nod as she goes into the other room. I can still hear her though.


"Hey, mom!" Ell says happily.

"What?" She asks, losing all of her glee. She gasps and I can hear her light sobs.

"She's going to be devastated..." Who?

"Can she stay with us?" I put my ear to the door of the kitchen. 

"IN OREGON?" Ell wails. What is going on?

"When?" she whispers through her sobs.

"I can't believe this... I feel so sorry for her. I wonder what's going to go through her mind whenever..." Ell chokes up and immediately starts crying harder. 

"She's like my sister, Mom. I don't think I will be able to handle being without her..." What happened?

"I can't believe she's going to move across the country in less than a week...This is horrible..."

"I guess I'll go tell her now. Bye mom..." Ell croaks. I back away from the door. What is going on?


Ell walks into the room with tear stained cheeks and her brown eyes full of sadness. She begins to open her mouth, but nothing comes out except sobs. I walk beside her. 


"It's ok, it's ok, I'm here, shhh," I coo, but she only sobs harder into her hands. She soon jerks up. 


"Dylan...I am so sorry... Your parents... Lightning.... Fire... Boat... Sink... Couldn't get out... I am so sorry Dylan," she tells me. The world zooms past me for a millisecond. I scream as my knees collapse and my body hits the ground. I thrash at the carpet, crying, screaming, praying, everything. This can't be true. Wake up. Dylan, wake up. I claw at my skin, in hope to wake up. Yet everything stays the same. I crawl to the corner of the living room and scream until my throat is raw and cry until I have no more tears. The pain I feel, is the worst thing I have ever felt in my life. It's like having a huge hole in the center of your body, that only the people who are gone can fix. I roll on my feet in the corner for hours, until every single muscle in my body cannot move another inch. I lay back, and just think of every single memory me and my parents had. 


"Dylan, come here! We're going to the cupcake shop! Come on!" my mother calls.Cupcake shop? I gleefully shriek as my tiny legs run down the stairs and into her arms. I look up at her.


"Cuppycakes?" I ask quietly. She nods down at me as her blonde hair falls down her back elegantly. Her silver eyes, same as mine, fill with joy as I jump up and down in excitement. 


"But first we need to find Daddy and Lewis, ok? I think Lewis in playing the guitar in the dining room, go sneak up on him!" she tells me mischievously. I nod slowly and make my way into the dining room as quiet as I can. I spot my target. I softly place my feet on the ground, and whenever I get close, I pounce on him. 


"AHH!" Lewis screams as he jumps off of his chair. He sees me and immediately calms  down. He bends down so he is eye level with me. "Why did you sneak up on me?" He asks while smiling. I shake my head 'no' vigorously.


"No, it wasn't me, it was a ninja. He just went out that window!" I point behind him. He glances out the window. 


"Mhmm... And what did this ninja look like?" he asks. 


"Like mommy! And she was wearing all pink! And she rode off on a unicorn! But then the unicorn ran away," I inform him. He looks like he's buying it! He grins. 


"Then I guess we need to turn into ninjas and get her back!" he whispers in my ear. 


"Yeah!" I shriek, but he shushes me. 


"Ninjas need to be super duper quiet, ok?" I nod. "Let's go get her!" He whispers loudly. I nod and we quietly go scout to find mommy. Soon enough, we find her about to sneak up on  Daddy in the study room. I glance at Lewis, who puts his index finger over his mouth. 


"Come on," he mouths to me as we tip-toe over to her. Right before she is about to scare Daddy, we pounce on her!


"AH!" She shrieks and I laugh, because this is just so funny! 


"I got you, mommy! I got you!" I yell as she just waggles a finger at me and smiles. I look at Lewis. 


"And I got you, too! I just said that Mommy got you, and you believed me!" I laugh again at them.


They both just laugh and Mommy and Daddy say,"You sure got him."


I sob into my hands at the memory of my mother and Lewis. This is all my fault. If I just told them to not go onto that cruise, they would still be here. 


But I didn't. And now they're gone.



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