Broken Angels

Dylan's parents die in a shipwreck on their anniversary. Whenever Dylan has to move into her brother Lewis's apartment with his fiance Vicki across the country only to find out she has a guardian angel, her new best friend Erik falls in love with her, what will happen whenever she doesn't love him back? What happens whenever she falls in love with her guardian angel Liam? What will happen whenever her life falls out from under her? And most importantly, will Dylan make it through?


4. Ch. 4. Anniversary

"You're WHAT?" I ask them wide-eyed. They smile at me. 


"We're going on a cruise for our anniversary next week! Your father finally got enough money for the both of us to have tickets for on board!" My mother smiles at me. My body fills with terror. My parents died in a shipwreck in my nightmare. On a cruise ship.  


I yell at them, "No! You can't go!" Their faces fill with confusion, but soon my father laughs. 


"Dylan, don't worry, you'll be able to go on a cruise in your lifetime, too." He says happily. I just shake my head.


"That's not the reason."


My mother asks, "Then what is it, dear?"


I take a deep breath. Did I really want to kill the mood just because I had a dream that my parents died? It was just a nightmare, after all. "I'm going to be really lonely." I pout at them. They both smile at me. 


"Well, Trevor and I decided that you can have friends come over for the two weeks that we're gone, but no boys," My mother waggled a finger at me. 


My father joined in, "Or parties!" I laugh at them. 


"I know, I know, no boys, no parties, no drinking, yeah yeah yeah. I know the drill." I tell them. 


"And that some adults may pop in here and there just to make sure." My mom pipes up. I groan.


"Ok, fine, whatever." I laugh as I go to my room to play guitar for a little bit and think about being basically by myself for two weeks. Awesome. 


After playing guitar for a couple of hours, I head down into the living room and scout for the sights of my parents anywhere. I see a note on the coffee table. 


Hey Dylan,

Rose and I decided to go out to that little cafe down on the corner for a little night out, and then go on the ferry to a hotel. We ordered pizza for you that will be delivered at around 6 (the money for the pizza is on the dining room table) and put twenty dollars into your credit card for movies that you can download. Have a great night and we love you! We'll be back tomorrow at around noon.

Xx -Dad and Mom


I smile to myself. I love how they always look after me. My stomach grumbles.  I check the clock, to see when the pizza  will get here. 5:48. Any minute now. I slump into the couch and look for movies I can download. I decide to download In Time, A Thousand Words, Abduction, and Twilight. Right as I finish downloading all of them, the doorbell rings. I pop off the couch and into the kitchen where the front door is and grab the money. I open the door and see a teenage girl, about my age with a tattoo of ivy coming up her arm the same colour as her brunette curly hair. She smiles at me and I see her eyes are blue, just like mine. 


"Here is your extra large sausage pizza with bread sticks and two liter soda of Mountain Dew. That will be 32.40, please." I smile at her and count the money, coming out forty-five dollars. I hand it to her.


"And do you want change?" She asks me. I shake my head in response. She beams at me. 


"Thank you, and have a nice night." She tells me.


"You too," I tell her. She nods and walks back to her delivery car. I wave as she leaves then go over to my pizza, which of course I don't eat all of. I walk over to the TV with the box and the soda bottle, not even bothering to grab a cup knowing my parents wouldn't ever drink it. I start the first movie, and by the time the last movie rolls around I drift off to sleep. 


Whenever I wake, I glance at the stove clock. 11:07. I groan as I roll off the couch. My stomach grumbles. I decide for breakfast I'll just eat some pizza and bread sticks. After I eat, I'm too lazy to do anything so I just watch the rest of Twilight. 


Whenever the credits are finish rolling down the screen my parents walk through the door. I look back at them and smile. 


"How'd last night go?" 


"Fabulous!" They both say in sync. They smile at each other. 


"Well, then how did your night go?" My dad asks me. 


"Well, great, but I was pretty sure at one point my stomach was about to explode from all the pizza and bread sticks." I smile at them. 


My mother glares at my dad. "I told you that was way too much food for her, Trevor!" My dad laughs. 


"I ordered that much so I could have some this morning. Where is it?" He asks me as my mom just chuckles to herself. I point to the fridge. My dad smiles while standing up and ruffles my hair. I bat his hand away. 


"Don't touch the goods." I say to him as they both laugh at me.


After a couple hours of spending quality family time with my parents, my dad gets a call. His face fills with confusion. 


"It's the cruise people." He informs us as he answers, walking out of the room. 


"Mhmm... That's weird." My mother mumbles to herself. In a few minutes my dad comes back into the room.


"Well, our reservation was signed in with the wrong room, it was taken for a few of the days we were supposed to be there at the end, so we actually are going tomorrow at seven instead. Is that ok, Rose?" he asks my mother. She smiles at him.


"Of course. But when will we be back?" 


"On August 4th, the day before our little sunshine's birthday." He says giving me a kiss on the cheek.


My mother cheers. "A whole three weeks! Well, lets get packing!" She exclaims as my dad carries her bridal style into their bedroom to pack. I smile to myself. Such a perfect couple.


The next day, whenever they are about to drive away, I wish them goodbye and hope my dream doesn't come true. 


"Love you and be careful!" I call after them as their car slowly gets smaller and smaller. 


I hope they have a wonderful anniversary. 

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