Broken Angels

Dylan's parents die in a shipwreck on their anniversary. Whenever Dylan has to move into her brother Lewis's apartment with his fiance Vicki across the country only to find out she has a guardian angel, her new best friend Erik falls in love with her, what will happen whenever she doesn't love him back? What happens whenever she falls in love with her guardian angel Liam? What will happen whenever her life falls out from under her? And most importantly, will Dylan make it through?


3. Ch. 3. Nightmares

"Say goodbye," A voice whispers into my ear. 


"Who is that?" I yell into the darkness around me. The voice laughs evilly. 


"You will know soon enough. Now say goodbye." Suddenly, I see a boat in the distance. I hear screams. My parents screams. The boat is sinking.  


I immediately  sprint toward the boat, but I can't get any closer. I cry out to them, hoping they can hear me. 


"Mom! Can you hear me? Dad! I love you! You can't die! Stay strong!" I call, but they don't seem to hear me. Yet I can hear every grunt and yelp from them, even though they seem miles away. The voice laughs again. 


"Well, how about we get closer? Let's see them die with every detail," the voice chuckles as I zoom in closer.


The room my parents are in is half full of water, covering the door and window. My mother's fingernails are bloody as she scratches the walls, trying to get out. My father cries out for help, yet I already know that no one hears them. I scream at them, yet they show no signs of even sensing I'm there. Tears rolling down my face, I make my way over to the wall where my mother is scratching at and try to help. I scratch and pound, punch, kick, everything  I can think of, but it does nothing. I glance down at my aching hands, only to see blood soaked flesh surrounding my fingernails. I put my pain away, though, and keep trying, only nothing is working as the room starts to fill with more ocean water. 


"NO!" I scream as I push on the wall with all my force, yet nothing happens. My mother does the same, and my father seems to have stopped calling. My mother and my father look at each other, and they both swim towards each other. Whenever they embrace, they immediately kiss passionately. My father pulls away, tears cascading down his face.


"Rose, I love you more than anything and everything combined, and I want to stay together forever," he whispers, "so lets die together, and live together in Heaven forever." He smiles at her sadly. My mother smiles back and put her hands together in a praying motion. My father does the same. 


"Oh, Heavenly Father, please forgive our sins, and save us from being tortured in the Hell below, and take us into your palace. God, we love You more than we love ourselves, so please help us into eternity," My mother prays for them both. 


"Amen." My father concludes. With that, my parents hold onto each others' hands, and kiss one last time. 


"Together." My mother starts with a smile.


"Forever." My father finishes, as they both jump into the water below, not coming back up. I scream.


"NO! MOM! DAD! NO! I LOVE YOU! NO!" I wail, and the voice chuckles. 


"Such a happy ending. Too bad they're never going to see their precious daughter or son again. Oh well. Not like they care about either of you to even stay alive." The voice laughs. I just sit and cry. 


"Why did they leave me?" I whisper. 


I awake trembling with terror running through my veins. Using my shaky hand, I grab my alarm clock to look at the time. 3:37 AM. I gently lay my head back onto my plush pillow in hope for a dreamless sleep. 


I am in a small room, tied to a chair. I pull on the  bindings, but they are too tight. I try to scream, but nothing  comes out of my mouth. After what  seems like hours of trying, someone walks into they room with their face covered.


"Hello, Dylan," The person says, his voice from the dream I had earlier. I shiver, giving no response. 


"Well," the voice says, aghast, "I would have thought you would say hello to me... but I guess not. You just hurt my feelings." he says sadly as he puts a hand to his heart. I still do nothing. 


He clears his throat. "I would have thought your mamma would have taught you some manners. But, oh yeah, she's dead." He laughs evilly. What is he talking about? That was just a dream, how could he know about that?


"Well, since your being very rude, I guess I'll just leave. You know I have tender feelings," he states before walking out of the room. I immediately try again at the bindings until my wrists are raw. I decide to quit, and just start to cry. When will I get out of here? Will anyone save me? 


I shoot up from my sleeping position. I look at the clock. 6:12. I quickly get up, hoping to not have those dreams follow me around the house. I run out of my bedroom and into my parents room, reassuring myself that they are still safely in their bed sleeping soundly. I glance at their bed, and immediately a smile crosses my face whenever I see two bodies on top of the bed, asleep. I pad into the kitchen, and make some hot cocoa. The warm sweetness glides down my throat, instantly making me feel better as it always does. After awhile of doing a whole lot of nothing, I notice my wrists and the tips of my fingers starting to hurt. My eyes work their way down, and I gasp. 


My fingers are scabbed over, looking as if I clawed down a wall. My wrists are full of yellow and purple bruises, as if I really was tied to that chair. Impossible. They were only nightmares. I head back into my parents' bedroom, and still see their sleeping bodies. I decide to go over and make sure it's them. I glance at both of their faces, and sure enough it's them. I look down at my hands again, but the bruises and scabs are gone, yet the ache of them remains. 


What happened while I was sleeping?


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