Broken Angels

Dylan's parents die in a shipwreck on their anniversary. Whenever Dylan has to move into her brother Lewis's apartment with his fiance Vicki across the country only to find out she has a guardian angel, her new best friend Erik falls in love with her, what will happen whenever she doesn't love him back? What happens whenever she falls in love with her guardian angel Liam? What will happen whenever her life falls out from under her? And most importantly, will Dylan make it through?


2. Ch. 2. Goodbye

I look at the picture of me and Lewis whenever I was ten and he was sixteen having a snowball fight, and I can't help but smile as tears begin to well in my eyes. I am going to miss Lewis so much whenever he and Vicki leave in a few days. Sighing, I put the picture back onto my wall and plop onto my bed. I look around my room as memories of Lewis zip through my mind of all the fun times we've had as kids. I immediately grab my guitar and my notebook full of lyrics. I start to play. 


Whenever you walk out those doors,


I know I'm gonna miss you.


Whenever you hug me goodbye


I know I'm gonna cry.


Cuz' you're the person I went to.


You're the person I could say stuff to.


And most importantly,


You're the person I looked up to.


(The person I looked up to)


The way you cared about everyone,


Always putting others on your list,


And I know you're the one I'm going to miss. 


Because you're the one I looked up to.


You're the one I looked up to. 


(The one I looked up to)


(The one I looked up to)




You're the one I looked up to!


You're the one I looked up to!


And now you're going to leave me! 


(Leave me)


Why is it that every one I care about


Just seems to walk out that door. 


Man I hate that door. 


(Hate that door)


So just show me what to do,


Whenever you can't be there,


Cuz' I need to know how to be like you.


Because you're the one I looked up to.


I sing the last note and hear clapping behind me. I jerk behind me and see Lewis staring back at me from my bedroom door frame. 


"You haven't sang in awhile." He states. I shrug. 


"I guess."


He walks over to me and sits on my bed. "I like your song. Did you write that yourself and pick your guitar chords?"


I nod. His eyes widen.


"That's really amazing, Dilly." He says with my nickname. I smile at him. 


"Thanks, Lelly." He laughs as he gives me a hug. 


"I'm going to miss you so much, Dylan." He says seriously pulling away and looking at me in the eyes. 


"I'm going to miss you too, Lewis." I whisper as a tear rolls down my cheek. He quickly wipes it away. He smiles.


"No need for that." He tells me. I nod as I stand up and put my guitar away. Lewis soon gets up as well to go pack. I immediately start to cry as soon as he leaves my room while slowly drifting into sleep.


Whenever I wake, my eyes notice the light change. I glance at my clock which says 8:43AM. Sheesh, crying must make you exhausted because I've been sleeping for over twelve hours.  I quickly take a shower and change. After doing my morning routine, I pad my way into the kitchen where Lewis sips his coffee while talking to Vicki who smears her bagel with cream cheese. I glide my way over to the coffee maker and immediately pour myself a cup. I sit next to Lewis.


"Good morning!" Vicki states happily. 


"Morning." I mumble while taking a drink of my coffee. Lewis chuckles.


"Well looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." He snickers while I glare at him. 


"Shut up my coffee hasn't run it's course yet." I shush him while he just holds up his hands in surrender.  Vicki just laughs and continues the conversation about where they're moving, in Kreggory, Oregon. I immediately start to think of life without Lewis. No one will be there whenever I cry, or whenever I need someone to lean on. He was always there. And now he's not going to be. Tears form in my eyes, but I brush them away. He will be happy there, so I should be happy, too. I smile at them talking, so happy, even at the simplest of things. I will be happy for them. 


"Honey, do you think our kids should go to private school or public school? I was thinking public because there are different types of people and it will be good for them to learn about different cultures. What do you think?" Vicki asks Lewis. Lewis's brow furrows in thought, but soon lightens.


"I think that is a wonderful idea," Lewis says as Vicki's mouth turns into a smile. They give each other a light kiss across the table. 


"Aww," I think to myself, "A match fit for Heaven itself." 


As the days pass, the day whenever Lewis and Vicki leave us comes all too quickly. As Lewis puts the last bag into the back of his sliver SUV, I can't help but run over to my big brother and cry into his shoulder as he holds me tight. 


"Shh, it's ok, it's ok, I'll be back once every two months to visit you, I promise. You can always call, ok? In the middle of the night, I don't care. You're my little sister and I care more about you than the world itself. Ok? I love you, Dylan, and don't you ever forget that," he whispers into my ear as the tears slowly fade away. I hug him tighter. 


"I love you, too." I let go, and after everyone says goodbye,  I give them both one last hug, and they are off. I watch the car fade down the road, along with my brother. 


Goodbye, Lewis


*A/N Hey guys, I hope you like the story so far. And don't worry, One Direction will get in here soon, but remember they aren't famous in this one and they are scattered. Just wanted to warn ya. Well, bye guys and I hope you have a wonderful day! (:*









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