Broken Angels

Dylan's parents die in a shipwreck on their anniversary. Whenever Dylan has to move into her brother Lewis's apartment with his fiance Vicki across the country only to find out she has a guardian angel, her new best friend Erik falls in love with her, what will happen whenever she doesn't love him back? What happens whenever she falls in love with her guardian angel Liam? What will happen whenever her life falls out from under her? And most importantly, will Dylan make it through?


1. Ch. 1. Lewis

"I have something to tell you all," my brother Lewis booms happily to my parents and me. He takes a deep breath. I motion for him to go on as my parents do the same. A small smile crosses his face as he grabs Vicki's hand, which I notice has a large diamond ring on it. I smile to myself and allow him to say it.


"Well," He glances at Vicki who just smiles in response, "Me and Vicki are getting married!" Lewis screams as I throw my hands in the air, laughing. Vicki blushes while smiling shyly. I run over to her and hug her and Lewis.


"Congratulations!" My dad shakes Lewis's hand firmly with a friendly grin plastered on his face. 


"This is amazing!" My mother screams while excitedly hugging Vicki jumping up and down. 


I smirk. "Took you long enough to ask her!" I joke while everyone laughs. We all celebrate and talk about wedding plans and moving arrangements, which they throw another bomb on us which isn't as happy as the marriage announcement. 


Lewis clears his throat as my mother offers a flat in town for them to buy for themselves. Sadness quickly replaces the gleefulness that was there just moments before. Everyone glances at others in the room with worry.


Lewis glances at the floor. "Me and Vicki have something to tell you," he mumbles to the floor .


My father's face fills with question. "Well? What is it?"


Lewis clears his throat once again. He opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. Vicki quickly recovers him.


"Lewis and I are moving to Oregon in a small town called Kreggory, because I got a job offer I couldn't refuse. I am seriously sorry." Vicki states with sorrow in her eyes. Tears fill my eyes as memories of Lewis of me fill my mind. 


Him pushing me on the swing. 


Him teaching me to ride a bike.


Him showing me how to play the guitar. 


"When?" I croak softly. Lewis looks over at me sadly. Next Thursday."


I cry harder. I've been with him ever since I was born in Grensully's hospital, seventeen years ago, and now he's just going to be gone in nine days. Across the country. I sniffle again. Lewis looks at me and comes to give me a hug. I hold him close, knowing there won't be many more times that I will be able to do that until a long time. 


Lewis has been my best friend my whole life, there for me every time I get in a fight with my friends or just wanted to hang out with. He's six years older than me but it seems like we're twins. I could tell him anything, and he would know exactly what to do. And soon he won't be here whenever I need someone to catch my tears before they fall. 


I sniff once more while deciding that I need to be happy for them no matter what. I sit up off of Lewis's lap and smile at him. "I am so happy for the both of you. You guys will have wonderful lives in Oregon with a very happy family that you will love and I am so happy that you both will be happy." I say to them both as their eyes fill with joy.


"I am so happy to hear that," Vicki says happily while her ocean blue eyes twinkle. 


Lewis smiles and his dimples show. "Me, too." He kisses Vicki on the cheek and I can't help but smile at their cuteness. They have to be the most amazing couple I will ever see. They have been going out for a little over two years, and Vicki is just a little younger than Lewis. Their looks go together perfectly, too. Vicki's petite body seems to fit into Lewis's strong built frame like they were made for each other. I have to say, they're a match made from God himself with Heaven above. 


I smile at them. "You guys are adorable. How couldn't I be happy for you?" I ask while I pull the both of them into a hug. I know I will miss them, but I don't care as long as they're happy. 


Soon I pull away. "Let's get packing!"

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