Unlocked Hearts - A Finchel Fanfic

Rachel has always been bullied . Everyday of school she fears turning the hall conors . The worst of the bullies are the cheerleaders . Specifically Quinn Fabray , head cheerleader , yeah that pretty , amazing , you know you want to be her , girl. As Rachel enters the school doors to highschool on her sophomore year, she hopes this year will be different, yet doubts it will be . But maybe there are a few things to look forward like glee club or perhaps the popular Finn Hudson football captin that she ran into on the first day. Will this year be alright after all.


2. Locked Eyes

Rachel's POV :

I instantly apologized and looked to see who I had knocked over and was now lying on top of . My eyes locked with beautiful Carmel
 brown eyes that glistened in the light, matched with a friendly smile.

Finn's P.O.V : I have no idea what just happened. I was on my way to Spanish class about to walk down a staircase when I was knocked over and the next thing I knew someone was on top of me. I opened my eyes which I had shut tightly on impact . The first thing I saw was her absolutely gorgeous big dark brown eyes locked on mine reflecting my image. My lips immediately pulled into a smile. We stayed like that for a few seconds until  the girl rolled off me quickly and stood up brushing off her plaid skirt . I got up after her and bent down to get our fallen books . I handed hers back, and she thanked me while blushing . "Hi I'm Finn " I said to her.

Rachel's POV : "Im Rachel" i replied with a big smile . "Well see you later I guess." I stuttered out . Finn nodded his head and walked off . I smiled the rest of the way to my class at the experience I just had .

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