Unlocked Hearts - A Finchel Fanfic

Rachel has always been bullied . Everyday of school she fears turning the hall conors . The worst of the bullies are the cheerleaders . Specifically Quinn Fabray , head cheerleader , yeah that pretty , amazing , you know you want to be her , girl. As Rachel enters the school doors to highschool on her sophomore year, she hopes this year will be different, yet doubts it will be . But maybe there are a few things to look forward like glee club or perhaps the popular Finn Hudson football captin that she ran into on the first day. Will this year be alright after all.


7. Is it too late to apologize

Rachel's P.O.V : I have absolutely loved glee club so far. Except for one thing , Artie is a great male lead , but we need a stronger one. I remember hearing really good singing somewhere . Oh yeah it was Finn at my house . He would make a great male lead . I was going to have to do this for the team. At lunch I walked up to him while he was getting ketchup for his food.

Finn's P.O.V : I was about to walk to my seat when I saw Rachel walk up to me . Oh my god I thought . Why is she walking up to me ?

Rachel's POV : I smiled at him which he returned with another smile . "Hi Finn." I said in my most peppy voice . "Uh Hi." He replied confused. " Would you mind doing me a favor ."

Finn's POV : I am so happy Rachel Is talking to me again. Ill do just about anything to keep it that way. "of course I'll do you a favor !" I practically jumped In delight. "Will you join the glee club?". It was like  her words were in slow motion. Glee Club ? That would be social suicide . I just smiled and nodded . She had this huge grin on her face. That grin made all my doubts  go away. "Thank you so so much!" She shouted over all the loud conversations in the cafeteria . She than ran  off to the table where the rest of the glee club sat .

Rachel's POV: I'm so glad he agreed. Maybe our club might actually have a chance.

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