Unlocked Hearts - A Finchel Fanfic

Rachel has always been bullied . Everyday of school she fears turning the hall conors . The worst of the bullies are the cheerleaders . Specifically Quinn Fabray , head cheerleader , yeah that pretty , amazing , you know you want to be her , girl. As Rachel enters the school doors to highschool on her sophomore year, she hopes this year will be different, yet doubts it will be . But maybe there are a few things to look forward like glee club or perhaps the popular Finn Hudson football captin that she ran into on the first day. Will this year be alright after all.


5. I don't like your girlfriend

I don't like your Girlfriend    Rachel's P.O.V    My eyes shot open. I look at the clock , it is 5:00 A.M and I'm ready to start my morning routine. I carefully get off the couch trying to not wake up Finn, who had fallen asleep next to me. I was about to tip toe up stairs when I heard Finn's phone vibrate. I turned around and walked back to the couch. I strained my neck to see who was texting him. I saw the name Quinn, Quinn why does that sound familiar . Then I suddenly remembered. She was the head cheerleader, who to me was the worst of the bullies. She was like the perfect girl. Blonde, pretty, popular, everything I've ever wished to be. So why was she texting Finn. He wouldn't mind if I just read a few messages. I slowly took the half exposed phone out of his pocket and sat on a chair on the other side of the room. I opened up the text message. "Hey Honey how was the sleep over at your friends house." It read. I felt so puzzled, I decide to read on. I read the last texts from last night. To Quinn " Yeah I'm having a blast here ". To Finn " I hope you are, love you have a good night.". To Quinn "love you too.". I suddenly felt tears form in my eyes . Quinn is his girlfriend! My stomach felt like I had eaten a bunch of live butterflies. I covered my mouth with my hand in shock. Then in a matter of seconds that sadness turned to boiling rage. How could he ! My mind shouted. I got up and left his phone on the floor. I walked to the front  door and slammed It shut as I made my way to school , with a giant pit of rage in my stomach.   Finn's P.o.v  I woke up to the sound of a slamming door. I jumped up and looked around . Why had Rachel stormed out like that. I got up and almost stepped on my phone . I bent down and picked it up . I saw some one had been looking through my texts with Quinn . Then I released Quinn was one of the girls who bullied her . I slowly and sadly got up. I hope I didn't just lose my best friend
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