Unlocked Hearts - A Finchel Fanfic

Rachel has always been bullied . Everyday of school she fears turning the hall conors . The worst of the bullies are the cheerleaders . Specifically Quinn Fabray , head cheerleader , yeah that pretty , amazing , you know you want to be her , girl. As Rachel enters the school doors to highschool on her sophomore year, she hopes this year will be different, yet doubts it will be . But maybe there are a few things to look forward like glee club or perhaps the popular Finn Hudson football captin that she ran into on the first day. Will this year be alright after all.


3. Familiar Faces

Rachel's POV:
I picked up my books and ran to the cafeteria at the lunch bell. I arrived at the cafe and got my lunch, the usual a salad and breadsticks. Then came the part I despised, Looking for a seat . I walked over to some friendly looking girls and asked if i could take a seat . Surprisingly they let me sit at their table, but their innocence quickly faded when I sat on at pile of coleslaw they purposely left there. The whole cafe looked over to the table after hearing my shriek of reaction to the unpleasant surprise .Then things got worse, everyone one started laughing their heads off. I felt tears start to form as one of the girls at the table commented ,"What did you think was gonna happen loser!", between giggles. Devastated I got up and ran to the girls room.

Finn's P.O.V:

I heard everyone laughing and pointing all of a sudden at lunch . I turned to see what all the commotion was about . I could barely see but I knew it was at the popular girls table . They must of played their annual joke on this years "biggest loser " as they called them,I hated when they did this . When the person obscuring my view moved my stomach dropped , I saw a teary eyed Rachel get out of her seat and run to the bathroom. I slowly got up and followed her after the laughter died down. I walked in the bathroom I knocked on one of the stalls and called for Rachel. I was answered by a sad whimper .

Rachel's P.O.V
Had he really followed me all the way to the bathroom. The stall door creaked open and Finn peered in and attempted a weak smile. I just looked back at him blank expression. Finn's smile faded as he walked over to me and sat on the floor next to me. He looked over at me with sad eyes. " Are you okay ?" He genuinely asked . "What do you think ?" I replied lazily. " I'm sorry about what happened out there." He said starring into my eyes . I just looked at him. 

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