Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


2. Chapter Two

Lost: Chapter Two

June 7, 2013

     In case you were wondering why I haven't said anything about school ending soon, well that's because my school is weird and it starts in January and ends in August. Its stupid cause we miss the summer months but I just do my homework outside and this way we go outside a lot during classes, so I don't mind that. I walked into my first period class, science, and sit beside my best friend Rebecca. "Hey becca" I said lazily "Hi" she said yawning. Me and her both don't like waking up so we have a yawning language for the mornings. Did you think I didn't have any friends? Jerks. I actually have quite a few friends, but they all get bullied too... Yeah, we're the misfits. There's Haley who walkes 'funny', Bree who's a 'slut', Rebecca who 'has no skill other than drawing' (she gets it the easiest) and me who is the nerdy, ugly, freak with strait A's and a college application of a doctor, which is close to what I want to be; a veterinarian. And I'm only 15 also, half the people of the senior year don't know what they even want to become. My mom has always wanted me to go into the medical field and so have I, and I have a way with animals, my mom says its special, it's like I automatically know what's wrong with them, it's like they can tell me. Anyway, off my mad talk and back to me and my friends, I have to worst of all of us, followed my Bree, then Haley, then Rebecca. They complain and cry, I sit there and and think, I care about what they say but I won't let them crack me. I won't let them see me cry, even when the physically hurt me, my friends don't know how I do it and when the ask I always just say "I won't let them win" and carry on doing whatever. I was pulled out of my thoughts as the door opened and closed three minutes after class started. I stayed still in m seat as Becca turned to see who it was. She turned to me with wide eyes and said "New kid..." My eyes widened, there was never a new kid here, who wants to to to school in the summer? I turned and was met with beautifully black eyes from across the room. It looked as if there wasnt even pupils, but the simple yet captivatingly mysterious darkness. I drew in a sharp breath and studied his face. He has a perfectly chiseld jaw bone and soft cheek bones, gliding over his features leading you to the dark, mysterious eyes and black eye brows, shaping a perfectly proportioned forehead that was hugged by messily gelled black hair. It should be illegal to be that handsome. I shook my head and noticed him staring at me. I turned back in my seat as our professor, Mr. Wilkes, asked mystery boy why he was here. He said in a husky, masculine voice "I was told to come to my first period class and ask for someone to give me a tour of the school." "Oh! Yes, of course. Angel here will give you a tour. You don't mind, do you Angel?" I silently glared at my professor. "Of course not sir." I said. "Great, take all class if needed." I nodded and grabbed my things "See ya soon Becca!" I called a I walked away. I went into the hallway and waited for mystery boy. He slyly walked out of the too. And out his hand out for me to shake "I'm Nathan, but please call me Nate." he said as he kissed my hand. I cringed "No, no, no need to do that." I said nervously. "I'm Angel, but please call me Angel." I said mocking him. He smiled, "Well, lets start the tour." I said in a small daze I mean, he touched me causing and electrical current in my arm, then that smile! Oh my gosh, I need to stay away from him. I walked down the hall and pointed out the art room and staircase as we turned right, then I pointed out the front office and took a sharp left towards the  gym, cafeteria, FACS room, Tech. Ed., and music room. After a whole school tour, two teacher run-ins, and a lot of dirty looks from kids roaming the hallways, we made our way to second period class, one of the many classes Nate and I happen to share. English, here we come. I have Savannah and Mike in that class...

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