Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


3. Chapter Three

Lost: Chapter Three

June 7, 2013

     Nate and I walked into English class together, and in all honesty I was shaking just a little. I didn't even think it was noticeable until Nathan asked me if I was okay "Was it that noticable?" he shook his head "Barely, I just have very sharp eyes. What's wrong?" "Nothing of your concern" I stated firmly. That's another thing, I hate burdening others with my problems, coach Skees only knows because she saw them doing it in the hallway. "Okay, okay. Sorry" I shook my head, "Don't apologize. You were just being kind." he softly nodded. I walked into the room and immediately got away from him. "Hey! What's up freak!" Mike bellowed. I kept my head down "Hey! Nerd! Respond to me when I speak to you." He yelled coming closer. "What can I do for you Mike" I yelped. He smirked at me and grabbed my wrist yanking me closer. "Get your hand off me!" I yelled. Where's a teacher when you need one! Instead of listening to me he put his other hand on my waist and kept going lower until I bit his hand on my wrist. He jumped back and I saw blood seeping through his broken skin. "How the hell did you do that!" he growled. "Dude, she said get your hands off of her, then you pushed her. What'd you expect." Nate's masculine voice said from behind me. He carefully placed his hands on my waisted and pulled me away from Mike, but not before I spit on Mike. What? He got some of his blood in my mouth. He beats me then he gets one little bite and he's a little baby about it. What a whimp. Nate pulled me close, causing electricity to zap between us. "Has he ever done anything like that to you before?" "He's hurt me but never tried to touch me like that…" I said looking down. Nate pulled my chin up so I was looking at him "You can tell me, I'll help until your birth- never mind." "What?" "Nevermind. I said I would help you." "I'm telling you the truth. He probably just broke up with Savannah. Again. He's never done anything like that" "Well, good thing you bit him or I would've beaten him." I gasped. "Why?" "Because, he shouldn't hurt you or any woman in any way. It makes my blood boil to think of the things some men do. It horrible." I nodded and saw Mike walk back to his seat compaining about how he couldn't feel his hand. Not the first time I've done that to a person. I came to realization about how close me and Nate were, apparently so did he. We pulled away and he looked at me angrily "Why didn't you tell me?" he growled "I didn't want to bother you with my problems" "Your pare-Nevermind. I need to protect you now, so you need to tell me about all of this stuff." I knew he was hoping I would let the parent this that just happen slip, so I let it. "Fine, I'm sorry." I whispered as I tried to walk away, but his muscular arm grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. He put his hands on the sides of my body and pulled me close, I cautiously wrapped my arms around his neck then slowly placed my head on the crook of his neck. We unravelled from each other and sat down next to each other at the connected tables. They were quite pointless actually. Like the lunch tables only pull out chairs instead of a bench. I began playing with my rings and felt a tap on my shoulde, I looked over at Nate and he quietly said, his voice being twice as husky and sexy and before "Do you understand this? I'm not good at English…" I smiled at him and asked "Do you need a tutor" I asked pretending to be surprised. He looked down and nodded. I smiled, "Try to figure it out, and you can come to my place after school." he said a swift thank you, nodded and went back to his paper. I finished mine in 5 minutes flat, then sat there and looked at all the people in the room. A few people were also finished, but it didn't look like that many. I watched as one by one peoples heads bobbed up, showing they finished the worksheet. Mike was one of the last people to finish and he frowned as the teacher took the paper away. "I seriously stink at English." "For me, it's Geography." I frowned. I get so bored in that class I zone off and do nothing for most of the class. I realized that Nate, one of the most handsome guys now in school, was legitamitely talking to me and protecting me, me the weird, ugly nerd freak. This is a joke, a prank. This isn't natural. "Really? Geography is like, my best subject. It's so easy… What's your best subject?" "Math" I answered with no thought once so ever "Then, science" I smiled, science was so fascinatng and math was so simple because there was only one right answers but so many different ways to find it. "Ah, your that kind of girl…" "What do you mean?" "Scientific and logical, I'm guessing your also atheist?" I gasped at the thought "God is my father and Jesus is my savior. I have never even considered becoming atheist. And I am not scienctfic and logical. Science is fascinating while math is simple. You ask for my best subjects, there you go." "Well that makes more sense saying as how your name is angel like Gods guardians" "Yeah…" I said slowly "Anyway, here's my address" I said writing it down "Just show up anytime around 3 and we can start working" he looked at me confused "Tutoring?" "Oh! Darn! I thought you wanted a study date" he winked "Don't flirt. It frustrates me." "Why?" "I find no point in it

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