Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


6. Chapter Six

(A/N Sup little bugs! So sorry about how I had to do a chapter three cont. and chapter five got cut off. Pretty much after that all it said was 'How am I going to do this?' Sorry if you think this is all moving fast for them, it'll make sense why soon, I hope. If you want to talk to me, please message me at my kik 'Loveyou1xox' Thank you!)

Lost: Chapter Six

June 20, 2013 (Angel's P.O.V.)

     I woke to a painful burning sensation in my back. It felt worse than it ever has before and it wasn't going away. I screamed in agony and all the sudden it felt like the whole room was full of people. I looked as my Mother, Father, and Nate walked into the room. When did they all get here? I couldn't speak. Only scream in pain. Nate ran to me and put one hand just above my knee, and another behind me on my back. The second he touched it the pain subsided to mass pleasure. "Let go" I growled, he moved his hand to my upper back a lifted me into a sitting position and removed both his hands. I cried out in pain and my mother yelled "What's going on! It's too early." "Sarah, calm down." my father demanded. My mother immediately got quiet and nodded. Dad marched over to me and sat on the end of my bed, for Nate was already beside me. "How do you feel Angel?" "Like hell" I growled. He frowned, most likely at my language. Nate rubbed my shoulder soothingly and eventually the pain faded away. I let out one final whimper and took several deep breaths. Everyone stared at me, gawking. "What?" I asked nervously. "Nate, her back" my mom yelled, alarmed. Nate gently pushed me forward and lifted the bak of my pajama shirt and shook his head. "What!" I yelled. "Baby, we have something we need to tell you." My mother whispered. "We aren't normal people…" Huh? "We're called the guardians. We are Angels, we protects mortals from evil" "B-but angels o-only exist in heaven, and h-have to die first?" everyone released a sigh of relief, probably because I didn't call them crazy. "Well, not exactly. You see, when evil was released into the world, our father chose family. Those who knew and admitted they're sins. Those who god had forgiven and accepted into heaven, but they asked not to save themselves. But instead to save others down on earth. As the centuries passed, the family grew, along with the breed of Angles, for father had chose families from all over the world, and made the guardians. We are the original family, meaning we are the strongest of them all. Your mother and I we aren't zoologists, when we go away, we help people and go to meetings. Sometimes we do actually go away for work, but more often not. Now, you are the strongest angel, you can do impeccable things. At the moment, Nate is the strongest because he was bred  from both good and bad families, causing his powers to be amazing. But you are 100% pure. Even now, before your change, you are insanely strong, have the power of persuasion, and truths, you have storytelling, and writing as powers that you need to use. It scares me and your mother to think of the other abilities you will adapt after your change." My father finally stopped. I turned to Nate. "Why did you look at my back?" My mother answered for him "When you change, you get wings. Like the angels in heaven, white and feathery. But when you don't have them out, they look like a giant tattoo of a pair of wings." "Do you have them?" I asked Nate remembering how my father said he was from good and bad families. He softly nodded and turned around. I shyly lifted the back of the shirt and gasped. They held no color in the 'tattoo' besides shading, they had feathered layers and and went from his shoulder blades all the way down to the small of his muscular back. I brushed my fingers against them and he arched his back moaning. I drew back frightened, "Never touch another angels wings. It puts them in severe pain, unless they are your mate…" the second my father said that. It all clicked, the reason why electrics shoots through me when we touch, the reason I felt I could tel him anything, the reason I trust him so much, the reason I never want him to leave, but he has to go home, the reason I think about him so much, the reason he pays attention to me and protects me. It all makes sense. "And Nate is my mate?"


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