Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


7. Chapter Seven

Lost: Chapter Seven

June 20, 2013

     My father sighed before slowly nodding to answer my question. I looked at Nate as asked jokingly "Well, do I have wings?" He let out a soft laugh and shook his head no "Not yet anyway, tomorrow yes." my eyes widened "But, that's my birthday" "Yes, a girls sixteenth birthday is the day she goes through the changes and becomes a half Angel, after that, the last change happens when she is prepared. When the change is complete, she is at her mental, physical, and emotional peak and stays that way for a very, very long time." my mother explained. It made sense saying as how she didn't look a day over 28 and my dad didn't look any older than 30. "So, it's going to be worse tomorrow?" I asked softly. "Yeah, it will almost be unbearable. You are goin to have to get left alone with Nate because he'll be able to soothe the pain, but your father and I can't be in here because for one we have no idea how big your wings will be, they could end up taking up the whole room, second it is a very important bonding experience for the mates, and lastly we would feel uncomfortable…" she trailed off on the last one. "Why?" "Instead of pain when Nate touches you, you'll feel pleasure and your mother and I wouldn't feel comfortable with that. Especially me." I laughed at my father. "Fine. Can I talk with him now?" my parents nodded and walked out. The second they did, Nate leaned over and laid his lips on mine, wasting no time. He passionately kissed me as his hands found their way onto my hips and my arms hooked around his neck. I smirked against his lips and withdrew one arm. He whimpered and I brushed my fingered against his back. He gasped and released a heavy moan. "You have no clue how badly I've wanted to do that since the first day I saw you." I blushed and brought my hands to his chest. "Seriously, I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow" he moved up so I was laying on him "What's wrong?" "What's going to happen?" "Well, I'm going to spend the night in here, probably on the floor, then you'll wake up at around your exact birth time and your back will be burning. You'll probably scream, waking me up, and I'll come help you. Remember how it felt this morning when I touched your back?" I nodded "It'll feel at least 5x better than that" "How did you go through your change?" "It's very different for guys, it all starts when we start puberty. When I started puberty I needed to stay home from school for around a week, I couldnt control when they came out. So, they kinda grew, 'ya know? Like on the first day, they hurt a little and were like, little stubs. By the end of the day they were a fifth of the way grown. It just went like that from there." "Lucky! And we still get our periods! This su- wait, do we still get our periods?" I don't know if he's the person to ask, but I am. "Yes, your fertile for your entire life, unlike how morta women are only fertile for around 40 years." "Ugh! That sucks even more!" he just laughed and kissed me. The feeling when he kissed me, it was like the world stopped and revolved around us. You'll get it when you meet your mate. He brushed his fingers on my back and I giggled at the tickling sensation. "What?" He whispered "That tickled" I said and my eyes went wide. He apparently caught the drift and started to tickle me. I squealed and giggled "Stop!" he just chuckled and continued. Dammit, how am I gona get him to stop. An idea popped into my head so I stopped and gave him a wink and he went into a daze. I used that to my advantage and turned us over. He smirked and said "I always did like it when she was on top" I thought about what he said and growled. I jumped of if him and walked out of my room, "Hey, I was just joking!" He yelled running after me. "Yeah, okay. Go tell that to your lady friends" I responded angrily. Then I drew up close to him and said "Or should I tell you that I always favored him on top?" he stopped and growled. I smirked "Thought so…" I turned and walked away, but not fast enough for him to grab my waist and pulled me into your chest "Fine. I'm sorry. But your mine and no one else's. You hear me?" he growled. I smiled and rubbed his chest, "Course babe!" I called ironically and I walked off. 

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