Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


1. Chapter One

Lost: Chapter One

May 31, 2013

     When I was little, I wondered why people that where bullied wouldn't just stand up for themselves. Now here I am sitting in the cold floor of the gym hiding from the ones that want to hurt me. I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Angel, and I am 15, but in my junior year. My birthday is June 21, the summer solstice. I always loved that about my birthday, it being the longest day of the year means giving me more time to celebrate. Often times its spent alone because my parents are always working, literally . I don't mind though, it gives me the good life I lead, and I like being alone lost in my music and thought. My birthday is something that means so much more to me than it does to anyone else. It symbolizes another year if life I was blessed with, no matter how much of a living hell it was from bullies. Anyway, I have blue eyes, to go into description I have eyes that are yellow around the pupils then exploded out to specks of red that turns into ice blue/green that is surrounded by a ring of dark blue, confusing I know, jet black hair like my dad and I stand short at only 5'3". I like being short and I laugh at the jokes about my height because I don't care about it, in all honesty I personally think it's cute.  My main bulles are Savannah and Mike. Savannah has ice blue eyes and white-blonde hair, and Mike had unruly red hair with dark grey eyes. They're the 'power couple' in school, but if you ask me they're the 'pow-wow couple' and that's not a good thing. To me, it basically means that they prance around like the own the world because mommy and daddy buy anything they're icy hearts desire. I work hard for everything I get and all they have to do is not sleep with each other for two days and they each get a new car. It's insan- I heard to noise. I pulled out of my thoughts as I saw Savannah stalking into the gym. I crawled tighter into the corner and hid behind the bleachers just in time for Mike to walk in. They blindly looked around until they faced each other with scowled faces "FACS room, we've looked everywhere else." Mike grunted. Savannah whined "Do we have to! We mess with her everyday. One day won't ruin our rep." He frowned at her as she pouted, he gave in and they walked out of the room together. I let out a breath I was very aware I was holding in. I climbed up from my fetal position just as coach Skeeks walked in. She gave me a knowing/guilty look as I queitly nodded. "You okay Angel?" she asked softly. I nodded "They couldn't find me and Savannah didn't want to screw with me today, thank god. Maybe she actually does have a heart" coach frowned at me "I'm so sorry I can't help. They won't let me do anything. The board is trying to promote kids standing up for themselves or each other." "Well, that's stupid, everyone knows you stand up for a bullied kid you get bullied to, and bullies pick on certain kids 'cause they know they won't tell." she sadly nodded as the bell rang telling me it's time for math, my favorite subject.


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