Angel was just a girl that sit in the back of the room, a girl bullied for not following everyone else's ideas of perfection, a girl confused about who she is. That is, until she finds out who, or should I say what, she is.


5. Chapter Five

Lost: Chapter Five

June 14, 2013

     For the past week, Nate and I have been studying and working together. Now it's one week from my birthday. Lately I have been having a painful burning sensation on my back when I wake up; nothing looks wrong though and it goes away after a few moments. I got up from the kitchen table as the phone rang. I lazily walked over to the phone and saw it was my Mom. I jumped in joy, I haven't heard from her in 3 months! She and my father are working in Africa, they're zoologists and studying the wildlife there. I haven't taked to my father in nearly a year, we didn't have a fight or anything, he's just extremely busy so he never has time to call or talk. I quickly picked the phone up. "Mom!" she let out a laugh "Hey, how's my angel doing?" "Pretty good, keeping up the grades" "That's good to hear! Any new friends?" Huh? She never asks about my social status nor friendships "Uh, yeah actually. His name's Nathan…" My parents were never comfortable hearing about my male friends but she asked, and I was honest. My one promise I keep to my parents. "Nathan? Really? He sounds nice." she sounded like it wasn't a surprise. What is going on here! "Yeah" "Planning anything for your birthday? You know me and Dad are going to me home for it!" I gasped. They haven't been home for my birthday since I was 12! "Really!" I squealed. "No, but I can't wait until you get home!" "Us either, we miss it there. How have you been felling lately?" "What is up with these questions? But, lately when I wake up my back hurts" I could almost hear her smile "It'll get better. Oh! I have to go. Your father needs some help in the lab. See you in a week! Love you!" "Love you too." I said sadly and placed the phone down. I turned on the house radio. It runs the radio channels music throughout the entire home so I can listen to the music anywhere. I just have to turn it up on the wall panels. I went into the basement and cranked it up very loudly and shut all my emotions off and became engulfed in the song 'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke. I love this song. I began dancing around the whole room and singing along. I hopped up the stairs and went back into the kitchen to cook some hot dogs. I tuned around still dancing and screamed. Nate was standing on my porch smirking at me. I slightly fell but caught myself. I went and opened the door letting him in. "What are you doing there?! You scared the daylights out of me!" "I rang the doorbell and you didn't answer, so I went to the deck, climbed up here and I was about to open the door. Then you came in and, I must say, that was some show" I lightly blushed. What? I never blush. "Oh, we'll is everything ok?" "I just wanted to check, your birthday is in a week right?" "Yeah?" "Can I talk to your parents, I need to ask them something." Um, what? "My parents are in Africa, they're zoologists. Remember?" "Oh yeah, sorry. I just wanted to ask what I should get you" "Oh" I said softly. "Want a hot dog?" I asked giggling "Please! Another reason I came here was for some food!" "Aw, you like my cooking that much!" "Nah, I'm just hungry and my mom's out he said playfully. I dramatically gasped "Meanie!" we broke out in laughter as I plopped another hot dog into the pot of boiling water. I felt hands land softly on my hips has the electricity almost became unbearable. Nate laying his head on my should as heat shocked me from head to toe. I had a hard time focusing on the food, let alone controlling my breathing. The hot dogs finished and I pulled from his reach to grab plates, chips, condiments, and buns. He whimpered and sat beside me. "Your food is served" I said and gave a soft smile. We began eating with the music still playing. What is that electricity when he touches me? Why does it feel like the pains in my back, only a good and pleasurable version of it? Most importantly, does he feel it too?

Nate's P.O.V.

     I can see the changes in her everyday, I don't think I'll be able to hold back much longer. She's gotten stronger, even in just this past week. And don't think I haven't noticed the changes in her beauty, how her feature have become softer, more feminine. How her eyes have gotten brighter, her skin tanner, looking even softer than before. All the blemishes on the skin fading away into nothing. Her hair getting thicker and softer. It's taking all of my self control now, I'm afraid of how I'll be after the change. She will be amazing, incredible. She already had so many abilities, she could very well possibly end up stronger than me. I need to talk to her father. Now. I got up slowly and took care of my plate then said "I'll be right back, I need to make an important call." I softly kissed her cheek send electrical shocks through my body and towards my core. I stood straight and she nodded. I walked out of the room and took a deep breath before taking my phone out and calling Mr. Custos, Angels father. He picked up on the first ring "Is everything alright?" he immediately spoke "Sir, she's changing fast. She doesn't even know it. She's getting stronger and looks diffrent. People are noticing."It was true. I recently heard some guys at school talking about how Angel's entire body and face have become more intoxicating, only in words I do not wish to repeat. "Sarah and I will be home the day before her full transformation. You need to be there Nathan. She'll need you." he said sounding so desperate it almost made me cry. How an

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