Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


5. unexpected

Darcy's pov

After Sky ran away I looked at Logan in disbelief "Your such a fricken ass you know that, she was just trying to protect you. You should already know that she would only hurt someone if they hurt someone she really cares about, she has gotten in countless fights protecting us and you hurt her" i snapped, he started tearing up and looked away, i grabbed his face and made him look me in the eyes " Listen here Payne, you better ask Aunt El to excuse you from school right now, so you can go and apologize to your best friend", he nodded and we headed to the office.


"Can we see the principle?" i asked the receptionist, she paged Aunt El then said we could go in. We walked into her office, she looked surprised to see us  "hey guys, whats up?" she smiled, we took a seat and Logan sighed "I was going out with a girl named Jenna Scott, Sky caught her cheating on me and.." "Oh is the girl okay? did someone bring her to the health room?wheres Sky?" she interrupted obviously knowing that Sky fought her, she is family after all  "ha no the girl is hurten and Sky ran home CRYING" i said staring down Logan, i noticed him tense up and Aunt El had a worried look on her face "umm i kinda yelled at Sky and pushed her down" Logans head dropped in shame "Logan why would you do that you guys have been bestfriends since birth you must of really hurt her" aunt El shook her head disappointed "i know thats why i have to go apologize to her can i please go now?" he begged, she nodded and he ran off "Aunt El can i stay here and help out in the office please i dont wanna go to class" i pleaded, she sighed "ill see what i can do but dont tell your dad he'll get mad at me" 


Sky's pov

I layed in bed, thinking, crying, then i heard rustling on my balcony, I put my fist up and opened my sliding door, it was Logan, I punched him hard in the arm  "Sky its me, dont worry" he laughed "i know i punched you on purpose"i winked giving him a fake smile then i walked into my room and layed down on my bed "why are you here your dad would kill you if he finds out you ditched?" he asked " dad knows im here and 2. so would your dad"i said i was being kinda rude but

im pissed off "Look Sky im really sorry, I was lonely and i saw a guy flirting with my crush and it seems she likes him too, i was heartbroken and Jenna came to me" he sighed "you really hurt me you know, i tried to protect you, help you" i growled, he got up, and walked around holding his head, then finally threw down his arms " Sky your still on probation, i dont wanna be the reason you go back to juvie, we were all torn when you got arrested, it was the saddest 10 months of my life, and you should of seen your dad we all stayed here with him to make sure he ate, your mom was in the hospital and you were in juvie, we had no one to keep us grounded it was like a circus" he snapped tears filled my eyes as the memory flashed back in my mind..


flash back


"Niall is mine you dont deserve him, you dont deserve his child and you dont deserve this life" a random lady yelled and drew her gun "stop" i yelled running towards her 'BANG' mum dropped to the ground, i ran to mum and held her in my arms "mum, mum look at me hang in there" she was bleeding alot, i ran over to the lady and punched her in the face i didnt stop, i heard the sirens, i heard people yelling for me, i kept going at it she hurt mum. Multiple pairs of arms picked me up, i felt icy cold cuffs lock around my wrist and i was brought to juvie. They sentenced me 10 months for severe injuries to the was like hell in juvie but i guess i belong in here.


end of flash back


i shook my head and looked away tears streaming down my face, Logan cuffed my face and turned my head so i was looking straight at him "im sorry" i cried looking down, he lifted my chin and we were looking into each others eyes, i felt butterflys and i wanted to kiss him for some reason.We both leaned in and it was magical, electricity moved through my body, i pulled away and looked at him " did you feel that?" i whispered, he nodded and smiled "Sky have you noticed that even though the boys, me, you,and darc have been friends for the same amount of time, me and you have always been closer and had some weird connection. I've always wanted to be more then friends with you, I love you" 



sorry for this crappy chapter please leave comment i wanna know what you guys think of my story :)

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