Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3



2 years later


Today is the first day of my sophomore year and my 16th birthday great.. i climbed out of bed and went to take a shower, after i changed into my moms old blue jw hoodie that my dad gave her, some shorts and my gray converse, i applied some eyeliner and eco lip balm then ran down stairs. "Morning daddy" i smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek "morning love happy birthday" he laughed, I grabbed a apple and headed towards the door "bye dont wanna be late for school" i shouted as i picked up my skateboard "bye come home straight after school i have a surprise for you" he yelled. I put in my earphones and hopped on my skateboard school here i come.


I arrived at the school and put my skateboard in my backpack "Sky" i heard someone call, i turned around ad saw Darcy riding towards me, she's my cousin/bestfriend from our moms side. "happy 16th birthday" she smiled and handed me a bag "oh no Darc you didnt have to get me anything " i smiled taking the bag i pulled out a scrapbook inside was a whole bunch of pictures of our whole family "your mom gave it to my mom, your mom started making it when she got pregnant with you" she laughed i teared up a bit and gave her a hug "thank you i love it" i put it in my bag and we walked to our lockers "sooo how everything with you and joby" i smiled nudging her shoulder "oh we broke up turns out he has been flirting with mica and i told him he could go date her because we were over and yeah"she sighed "im sorry Darc" i frowned and we went back to stuffing our lockers "Hello ladies" lucas said putting his arms over our shoulders "your such an idiot i missed you" i smiled giving him a hug "what about us" logan and mark said walking towards us "oh dont  worry you guys are idiots too" i laughed and gave them a hug to "hey Darc we bumped into Joby why was he holding hands with Mica" mark pouted Darcy punched his arm "yeah doofus we broke up he was flirting with her so i dumped his a**" we all laughed "ehh can i see your guys schedule" i asked, they all handed me their schedules and i looked over it "yay i have 3 with Darc, 4 with Lucas, and 6 with logan and the rest with all you guys Ill never be alone" i cheered and the bell rang. We grabbed all our things and headed to 1st class together.

*in class*

"Sky devine horan" the teacher called "present" i smiled ..."umm mark edwards malik " "vas up" he laughed...."logan peazer payne" "mmhhmm" he said obviously bored...."Darcy devine styles. wow to devines" "yeah"she giggled..... "and lastly lucas calder tomlinson" "YESS!!" he yelled  omg "um wow one direction children all in one class" the teacher smiled blushing really hard "im a huge fan of your parents" we all rolled our eyes "can we just start class" i sighed i heard a boy in the back of class laugh i turned around and our eyes locked, i immediately looked away and focused back on the lesson.


The final bell rang i pulled out my skateboard and said bye too everyone "Sky wait"lucas called running up to me with Darcy, Logan,and Mark right behind him "wanna go to the skate park with us?" he asked "i cant my dad wanted me to come home right after school" they looked nervous "oh its fine if he gets mad our dads can just talk to him"Darcy smiled i sighed and got on my skateboard "come on lets go "


*Skate Park"

they were all acting strange they kept whispering things to each other then looking at me "okay lets go" Logan smiled they started skating home without me  i groaned and grabbed my bag and followed behind them they were at least 30 feet away in the distance i saw them run into my house my dads gonna kill me. I rode up to the house and walked inside "dad im so-" "surprise" a bunch of people shouted, dad walked up to me and gave me a hug "happy birthday "he laughed i gave everyone a hug then walked up to the guys and Darcy and punched them all in the arm " you guys are so mean" i pouted "sorry Sky your dad asked us to stall you for a while" Logan laughed.


I was chatting with Darcy when hands covered my eyes i started tearing up, i turned around and gave my uncle Josh a big hug tears streaming down my face, i let go and wiped my eyes, Darcy walked up to him and gave him a hug too " we missed you" she smiled "hey lads" uncle josh said walking up to man hug my dad, uncle hazza, uncle louis, uncle liam, and uncle zayn "okay dad me and the guys are gonna hangout up stairs "i smiled. We walked in my room and sat on the floor "oh my gosh last night i searched my dad on google and i found this fanfiction thing called movellas and there was like billions of stories about ours dads their was one really graphic it was like harry ripped of my clothes and inserted him self into me and then in it the next day it said after i left harrys flat i snuck over to niallers house and he rocked me up and down and so on to all our dads it was so disgusting" Darcy said pretending to puke i looked over to all the boys and they were covering their ears "thats just nasty" Mark gagged i reached under my bed and grabbed a six pack "okay bottoms up"i said handing them each a beer "my mom almost caught me last night trying to sneak a beer" Logan said chugging down his bottle i drank all mine then heard a knock at the door "SK"i heard dad say "um hold on" we placed all the bottles under my pillow i handed everyone a mint chewy and sprayed them with axe, then opened the door "hey dad whats up?" i smiled leaning on my door frame "oh were gonna sing happy birthday" he said suspiciously "okay come on guys lets go" i laughed, we all ran down stairs and saw everyone surrounding the cake i walked threw and saw a cake with me on it . Everyone started singing happy birthday after we ate the cake i chatted with everyone and soon the party was over i walked up to my room and grabbed out my moms scrap book, during the party i took some pics with my Polaroid camera, i glued them all in the scrap book then placed it between my sheets " i wish you were here mum" i smiled and closed my eyes some on kissed my forehead "goodnight darlin" i heard dad whisper, i smiled and i drifted off to sleep.<3

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