Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


7. sadness to happiness



Skys pov

(Skip ahead in time)

Me and Logan have been going out for 1 year, I took for everyone 1 whole month to figure out we were dating, On Logan's birthday we walked over to his house and were holding hands, when we walked in everyone was there and yelled surprise, they were all laughing till they looked down to see mine and Logan's hands, at least now we don't have to be so secretive. Logan wanted me to come over to his house today said he needed to tell me something important. I slipped on my rainbow hoodie and my pajama pants its Saturday aka lazy day, then i put on my black vans plus my chicago bulls hat, im not a fan i just liked the design. I nodded to myself admiring my outfit purfect "dad im going to mistah paynes house" I yelled... oh wait haha no ones home hes at a meeting , i laughed at my self then locked the house up and rode my skateboard to the house of Payne with my blue and white beats blasting around my neck.


When I arrived Logan was sitting on the steps with his head in his hands "hey whats up?" I laughed walking up to the stairs, he looked up at me tears pouring down his cheeks, i gasped " why are you crying?!?!" i asked worry filled my voice, he opened and closed his mouth like he was trying to say something "Babe what is it?" I question grasping his hand, he gave it a squeeze then sighed "Im moving to Australia, I was offered a soccer scholarship" tears threatened to spill out of my eyes "im proud of you" I smile "and.." he says running his hand through his hair "I think we should break up for the better, we dont have a spark anymore and I dont think I would be able to handle a long distance relationship" he crys, this time I let the tears fall "Umm yeah I don't feel sparks anymore either its for the better goodbye logan" I nodded then hop on my skateboard and rode away to Darcy's house. 


I ran through her door then and I jumped flat on my stomach on her bed and started crying, she woke up probably shocked and started shaking me "whats wrong?" she yawned "he broke up with me"I mumbled into the pillow "thats it we are having a girls night come on" she groaned pulling me up to her car, we arrived at a golf court, "I cant golf" I whinned not getting out of the car "What has happened too the Sky I know and love?Come on remember that time you brought me here to "golf"she laughed air quoting golfing "oh I know what your thinking" I smirked. We walked up to the golf cart, I got out my keys then started the engine, okay heres the funny thing if your a directioner you know that harry and niall aka our dads like to golf, anyways one day we came with them and we saw the owner man drop a black key as he walked to the bathroom on the key it said "master cart key"and being the bad kids we are, we took it and checked to see if it actually worked on every cart AND IT DID, I kept that key for whenever we are feeling a little rebellious.Okay back to the present, We drove the cart flying over the hills. we stopped behind a bush and Darcy pulled out her air horn she always brings it whenever we go carting so we can do this. We hid behind the bush and when ever someone was about to swing their club we would sound the horn,a guy got so mad he tried to throw a golf ball at us. When he came to retrieve it we blew the horn one more time then got on the cart and drove away.


We scanned our items then went back to Darcy's flat, We put down the shopping bags in her room and started pulling out our need items 

check list



"ice cream"




"sad movie"


"cheese balls"

"mmm check"



i sighed "good we have everything we need to have the best night ever"

we did chubby bunny challenge and of course I won, Im a Horan even though we are all fit we have hug appetites, after we gave uncle haz a little makeover in his sleep and aunt Rosie even helped, my moms the reason shes a prankster and shes and I of course are the reasons Darc is a prankster.The rest of the night we cried our eyes out watching sad movies while eating ice cream and cheese balls yuum.


(next morning)

we turned of uncle hazza's alarm then Darc walked in to wake him up "Omg dad what are you doing here your 5 minutes late for work" he actually had 10 more minutes hes supposed to be there at 9 but its only 8:50 and the studio is pretty close. Aunt Rosie said He didn't pay any attention to the clock or even look in a mirror which is what we were hoping, and he just changed his clothes and ran out. We planned this really we for doing this at midnight. since when people drive they have to look in the car mirrors Aunt rosie drove, also because there is a side mirror in the passengers seat, we Darcy sat there and blocked it before he could sit, so he sat in the back, I sat in the back with him and put me and Darcys skateboards in the middle so he wouldnt be able to use the rear view mirror, and I asked him if I could borrow his phone so he couldnt check his reflection our use camera. Omg we are so smart.


Nialls pov 

we all sat around waiting for Harry to come because we were starting in 5 minutes. Once he walked in we all burst out laughing  "I am so sorry Harry" I laughed " Why are you all laughing? and why are you sorry Niall?" he said cocking his purple eyebrows haha, I took a picture "Hazza did Niallers child have a sleep over with your child last night?" liam asked trying to be serious "yeah how did you know?" he questioned "It looks like the doing of a horan and styles combo just like their mums" I grinned showing him the pic I took. His eyebrows were purple, they rubbed temporary orange hair dye in his hair and they gave him big red clown lips with a sky blue face thats how im sure its her doings. I laugh to myself She is so much like her mother it makes me happy but also scared because Dani was a rebel, she fought alot but she was also strong, funny, they can both eat as much as me and shes a prankster and thats what I love about them.

I was given 2 angels but 1 of them went back home.

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