Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3



"Omg that was amazing" A familiar voice cheered, I turned my head and saw my favorite brunette, blue eyed Aussie. i jumped up and gave her a hug "Paris what are you doing here?" I cried, "I just moved here, and thought id take a look at the beach" she smiled, just as I was about to respond my phone started to ring it was Darcy "Paris answer the phone and put it on speaker said shoving my phone at her, "Hello" Paris answered holding in her laugh "Sky where are you, your dad is freaking out why didn't you tell anyone where you were going?!?!" she screamed through the phone Paris bust out laughing "Paris??" Darc questioned I could just imagine her checking her caller ID "umm why do you have Sky's phone?" "Im here with her at the beach, I just moved here by the way Surprise"she laughed, soon I saw Darcy speeding down the sidewalk on her skateboard. When she got to us she immediately embraced Paris in a tight hug "Yay our Aussies back" Darcy cheered. 


As we road to my house on our skateboards It hit me, tomorrow is September 1st Darcy and Paris's birthday I have a lot of planning to now there's two people I need to through a party for I sighed to myself and cranked up my beats.


"Aussie, Darc wanna sleep over?" i yelled from the kitchen ... No response, I walked into the living room and saw Darc and Paris sprawled all over the  floor asleep "Okay Ill take that as a yes" I yawned laying down on the couch and falling asleep"


A/N sorry guys i know that was really short but I have lots of ideas but It has to be tomorrow so please be patient with me

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@2000Art_Skater Aka Paris and @2000mroses Aka Darcy/ Aunt Rosie

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