Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


6. Maybe meant to be

A/N sorry for taking so long to update schools startng soon and i was busy trying to enjoy my last weeks of freedom. Most of the time its skys pov but ill still put a pov so it doesnt get confusing if i do add other peoples pov kk enjoy my unicorns. ;)


Sky's POV 

i frozen taking in his last words 'i love you' i would of never thought oh my "um i love you too Logan, more in a brotherly way, bu-" he stood up in the middle of my sentence and walked out slamming the door, i groaned and whacked myself in the face with my pillow 'this is why i dont talk about feelings with boys'.


Logans pov

"more in a brotherly way" she says, wow im such an idiot and i probably just ruined our friendship fuck, i dont wanna be here anymore. I got up and slammed the door leaving her just sitting there. I ran down the stairs and saw uncle Niall at the bottom with his arms crossed glaring at me, i stop in my tracks "umm hey uncle Ni, whats up?" he motions for me to come closer, then he puts his arm over my shoulder "come on mate lets have a little chat"he sighs pulling me into the kitchen. We take a seat and he studies me "Look i have known you your whole life,your like my second child.. wait no darcys like my- okay your like a third child to me, i know that you have feelings for sky" he smirks "of course i do shes one of a kind and-,wait how did you know?" i question, he chuckled then shook his head "okay well first of all when you guys were little, you guys would always want to stay together, so once me and your pops made a bet that you guys would get together one day, i for one like the idea of you two dating but liam doesn't think you guys would like each other like that. Also she was really upset when you pushed her down like she was heartbroken, i knew it was heartbreak because i seen that similar face on her mum, it broke my heart seeing that and  another way i know is cause you just admited it" he smirked 


"well i guess my dad one the bet cause she said she doesnt like me that way"i sighed, "hey the bets not offical till one of you gets married" he argued, i laughed "okay well we will see, anyways i gotta go my dad supposed to pick me up at school for footy practice and i kinda ditched so i gotta beat him there", i was about to exit the kitchen "ehh and you dont ever physically hurt my daughter again and if you do end up together you better not break her heart shes been through enough in her life she doesnt need to be hurt by her bestfriend AGAIN!!!" he growls "NEVER AGAIN" i smile and run out, back to school i go.


Nialls POV

After he left, i couldnt help but remember that sad heartbroken face on Dani's face, Sky looks just like her, same big brown eyes, same little nose, and same hurt expression.



I walked though the house, i just got back from work. I turned to put my coat up, there was a mans coat hanging up, and shoes below next too Dani's shoes 'hell no' i mumbled to myself, i walked into the bed room and saw her under the sheets with a man next to her and i saw her clothes all over the floor and man clothes too. tears filled my eyes Dani would never do that to me, i must of done something wrong. i slammed the door and headed to the pub, i need to clear my head, i felt pain and heart ache an i dont want to. 

I drank down my 5th shot, i still felt pain, i need to feel relief, i waved to the bartender "anothdr shot peas" i slurred, he poured it then, placed it in front of me, as i reached for my shot someone moved it away. I felt arms wrap around my waist, i turned and saw Dani so i pulled away "Ni look at me"she whispered, i got up and pushed her hard to the ground "your a cheater" i growled the alcohol took over me, then i snapped back to reality and realized what i did. she looked at me hurt in her eyes like she was heartbroken and in pain. she pulled something out of her bag a fake man head " it was a prank you dick" she yelled and threw it at me, then she winced and grasped her arm. I ran to her and kneeled beside her "im sorry i over reacted, i actually didnt know how to react so i drink, im bringing you to the hospital? gosh im such a ass"i cried and called 911.

she had a broken arm and stayed with Rosie and Harry for a month.


long already so flash back over


Skys POV

i need to make things right between me and Logan.

I skateboarded to the footy field, i knew He had practice cause im on his team ' kay im so pro at footy that i made the boys team' anyway i noticed they were in the middle of a game but i hopped of my skateboard and ran  "Logan" i yelled he turned to me, i ran up to him put my skateboard by his feet then got up on top of it and kissed him passionately (hey hes 5.9 and im 5.2 not my fault its our genes) i pulled away "you didnt let me finish, i love you more like a brother but i also as my love" i grin like a idiot, he smirks then he kisses me back ' i hear cheering in the back round' then the whistle blew " payne,horan no PDA durning practice" i smirked and pulled away, i got off my skateboard and popped it up with my feet, i kissed Logan again and used my hand to motion one of the players to come and grab my skateboard, after someone took it, i quickly pulled away from him and stole the ball,i sprinted to the goal, i could hear logan laughing behind he, i picked up the pace then shot the ball straight in the goal, Logan hoisted me up on his shoulders and everyone gathered around cheering and congratulating Logan i heard one player say "yeeah logan you got a beauty that can be a beast in scrapping, soccer,skateboarding and singing" wait what only family has ever heard me sing (family includes one direction and their children and wives) i look around and see Lucas and Mark grinning at me and logan like idiots, thank goodness Lucas has my board i had no idea who took it.

After we skateboarded home we all went in our separate doors but i went to see Darcy, i open the door and Just as Uncle Hazza was about to exit "hey uncle haz" i smiled giving him a hug "hey you okay Darcy told me what happened between you and that bitch" he said with a worried expression on his face, cursing is normal for him, i laughed "im fine but the slut clawed me pretty hard" i smiled pointing to the band aid on my face "ouch okay well i gotta go the lads are waiting for me" he winked and exited the house, i walked into the kitchen and found Aunt Rosie laying on the kitchen counter upside down on twitter,what can i say she grew up around my mom "umm hey Aunt Rose,what ya duin?" i smile walking to the fridge and searching through it for food 'what can i say my mother raised me' "yupp just like Dani" she laughed as i opened the freezer "ooh ben and jerry ice cream" i smiled and giggled like a maniac as i grabbed two tubs of cookie dough flavor its uncle Hazzas favorite flavor "if Uncle Hazza asks i was never in the kitchen"i yell grabbing two spoons then running out of the kitchen and up to Darcys room, "HEY STYLES OPEN UP" i yell outside her door " Its open" she yells back, i  repeatedly kick her door ,then i hear her grumble something and she opens the door " you could've told me your hands were full" she whined "sorry i wanted it to be a surprise" i pouted passing her a spoon and a tub, then i took a seat in her hanging chair. "soo did Logan apologize?" Darcy rolls her eyes, i swallow my ice cream "um yeah" i nodded "okay what happened?" she sighed dang it "well he apologized, confessed his love for me, got mad at me, i kissed him at practice and now we are a couple i love you" i said super fast then gave her a cheeky smile and turned the hanging chair so she couldnt see me, she spun me back "wait what did you say?" she smiled in amussment "i said he apologized" i said playing dumb "no after that"she whined "umm got mad at me" i grinned, she groaned "No everything after that" pretended to think for a second "ohh you mean the part when i said i kissed him and now were a couple" i whispered really softly " yeah that part" she screamed "oooo do you think uncle liam would like this, and what about your dad?" she gasped.


After uncle Hazza came home, i ran down and gave him a hug then left before he could enter the kitchen. I think he called his mate cause i could here my dad laughing down stairs about 5 min after i left Their house. I took a shower and put on my Little mix onesies that Aunt Perrie Gave me for Christmas, then i brushed my teeth and put my hair into a messy side braid. I layed down and turned off the light "ding" i checked my phone "Logan:good night leprechun love you" i smiled at the message "me:good night idiot love you too " and with that i said my prayers and drifted off to sleep.


A/N guys please comment i wanna know what you guys think? what you guys like? and what you dont please also like and favorite DONT GIVE UP ON ME!!!!!!! HAHA kk love you my leprechuns 

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