Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


4. love,hate,memories,scraps

(A/n Im sorry i havent updated in a while i tried like two nights ago and wrote a chapeter super long and interesting that it took 4 hours then... my computer crashed right when i was about to publish AND since i love you all i will write it again i hope you like it)

Still Sky's pov


Me and Darcy stood by our lockers talking about random stuff "do male kangaroos have pouches?" i asked Darc, she thought for a moment " i dont know maybe" she answered with a serious tone, there was short moment of silence then Logan walked up to us with some girl " um hey Logan whos this" Darcy smiled "this is my girlfriend" he answered he seemed really happy "hey im Sky" i said holding my hands out to her, she looked me up and down and shook my hand giving me a fake smile "im Jenna" she said then took back her hand and wiped it on her pant, "im Darcy" Darc smiled not even bothering to shake her hand after she saw her reaction to me "Um Logy lets go you can buy me a snack" she rolling her eyes at us "twat" i mumbled as the bell rang "bye Sky have fun in math" Darc laughed walking to her class.


Ugh math class is so boring my math teacher mr. Karkheck or as the students call him mr.Cockhead, was giving us a lecture about Eulers Formula 'i mean who the heck is Euler i thought i was taking normal math' i thought to my self, i put my head down a just stared at my watch were it showed the only numbers i paid attention too "Ms. Horan since your so intreasted in my lesson please tell me what Eulers formula is" he smiled sarcastically "oh as much as i would love too i dont know Erasers formula " i said imitating his tone "come up and the class will help you" he demanded right infront of my face, 'yuck his breath smells like year old coffee found inside a dumpster mixed with spoiled milk' i covered my breathing holes " i dont wanna go up " i argued backing away from his face, he backed up too and took a quick wiff of his breath " You either come up and do a problem or your going to the principles office" he smirked thinking i would probably choose to do the problem, i grabbed my bag and walked out "deuces" i yelled and headed to the principles office.


"Sky school only started 3  days ago and you have already been in here 5 times from all your teachers besides art and P.E"Aunt El sighed Aka Principle Tomlinson "well i like my art and P.E" i defended my self "if Niall finds out your going to be in trouble and he can be really strict sometimes so ill just give you detention today after school and ill just tell him that your helping me out in the office okay but please try not to get kicked out of class anymore" she begged, i nodded and walked to the door "oh and aunt El i didnt get kicked out.. i chose to see my favorite aunt." i smirked then exited the office.


After school i headed to the detention room and saw Mark sitting inside along with 5 other people. I sat next to Mark and put my legs on his lap "so whatcha in for"i said shoving a chewy in my mouth "after you left the class i started laughing and he sent me to aunt El" he sighed i looked around and noticed everyone that was in my math class was in here "did mr.cockhead kick you all out" i questioned, everyone nodded "man whats his deal" i yelled, the door shut and i jumped "whats whos deal" mr.cockhead asked, i sat down a ignored him "okay the only rule is no talking and no cell phones" he said writing it down in big letters on the board. After about 5 minutes of silence and me texting mark, mr.cockhead went outside and closed the door, i ran to the door and locked it behind him, then sat back down and acted natural. I heard keys chiming and the door swung open "okay talk who locked the door"he growled, no one talked, i could tell his blood was starting to boil "somebody answer me right now or you will all have detention the rest of the year" he shouted, i raised my hand and pointed at the board that said no talking, he erased it "okay now speak" he yelled "okay for one your not allowed to give us detention for the rest of the year for doing something you told us to do and two, when you left the room i saw your hip bump into the lock causing the door to lock behind you" i lied well about the second part he really has no right to give us detention, he looked embarrassed "oh well detention dismissed" i grabbed my bag and stopped in my tracks, i pulled out a pack of gum and walked to the front  of the room and threw mr.cockhead a pack of gum " its mint" i smirked the exited the room.


As i was about to leave i had to go to the bathroom and i dont think i can hold it in the hole way home. I rode my skateboard to the bathroom on the side of the school, i opened the door and shut it trying to process what i just saw,Jenna was inside the girls bathroom making out with a jock named Jordan.


I ran to my room and layed down "time to rest" i smiled to my self then closed my eyes, right as i was about to fall asleep 'honk honk ' i looked at my iphone and saw a text from Darc,


Darc: hey girl where were you after school?

Me: detention from mr.Cockhead

Darc :what did you do?

Me: he breathed in my face and was tryina force me to go up to the board so i just left

Darc: i am so sorry you had to go threw that :,(

Me: i couldnt smell straight after that haha

Darc: you know that Jenna girl really gets on my nerves

Me: well you know what gets on my nerves i saw her kissing jordan today afterschool

Darc: What you have to tell Logan

Me:nah i wanna have a little chat with her first..



The next day me and Darcy walked through the school until we found Jenna with her friends " um Jenna can we talk to you for a minute" Darcy said pulling Jenna to me, Jenna instantly yanked her arm away "what do you skater freaks want?" she growled "what i wanna know is why you kissed Jordan when your going out with Logan " i yelled "i kissed him because hes hot and im popular why would i wanna be seen kissing a Skater geek" she whined "then why the hell did you go out with him" i argued "um hes rich duh" ooh i just wanna punch her "your a twat you know that and a gold digger"i yelled "aww somebody mad you want me to call your mommy. oh wait shes dead probably because your father and his stupid band isnt a famous anymore" thats is i punched her straight across the face and pushed her down to the ground she scratched my face a few times but i just kept punching harder, i felt arms grab ,me and lift me of her "Sky please just stop" i heard a familiar voice say i turned around and saw Lucas holding me back and saw Logan holding back Jenna "you bitch you broke my nails" she whined "do i have to give you the definition of a bitch or should a just say thank you twat" i yelled "Your mothers a twat your fathers a twat and every member of your dads bands a twat including their wifes" she yelled i broke out of Lucas's grip and ran towards her, and slapped her, Logan stepped in front of her and pushed me to the ground, i sat there shocked, lucas came next to me "dude what the hell " he yelled "woow Logan she really got you didnt she you just heard her bashing our parent and now you push me i have know you your whole life and you have know her for 3 fricken day and your already taking her side, you know the only reason this started was  because i was trying to protect you your one of the nicest and most generous guys i know and i also know you fall easily and you just so happend to fall in love with a girl that was cheating on you with Jordan" i snapped and Darcy pulled Jordan out of the crowd "Jenna were done and Logan im sorry i had no idea" he said and walked away "see that slut lied to you" i yelled "Sky Stop it" Logan yelled "whatever then have a happy life im done with this shit im going home" i snapped and got on my skateboard and rode away.


I opened the door and walked in the kitchen, dad was sitting at the table reading the news paper, i threw my bag down and slid down the wall tears streaming down my face, i heard footsteps then felt a pair of arms around me "Sky what happend why are you home from school so early"he said patting my back, i looked up at him and he looked shocked "oh my your bleeding did you get in a fight who did this?" he said worry filled his voice "LLogans girlfriend, dad she cheated on her and she brought you and mom into it i just i beat her up and logan pushed me down" i stuttered he brought back and tended to my scratch " well Logan probably feels horrible about it and who won"dad asked "i did" i laughed he gave me a high five and cheered "thats my girl!!" ; )

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