Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


12. I'm sick and tired

Sky's pov

I layed in bed tears spilling everytime i coughed, it was painful and  im beggining to think this is more than a cold. "Morning honey are you feeling any better?" My dad asked setting down some soup besides me "im feeling worse I couldnt even sleep last night" I sat up to eat my soup " why are still here dont you have work?" I questioned he gave me a small smile "I took off to take care of you". "Ill be fine its just a little cold go on its aright"i smiled his face grew worried "are you sure?" I nodded and he gave me a kiss " dont get out of this bed Im going to ask if darcy can come over and watch you".


After he left I ran to the bathroom and threw my guts up, I closed my eyes trying to hold back my tears. Once I could breath again I looked into the toilet and all I saw was my soup and blood. Just as I was about to go and rinse my mouth I had  to puke again, even more blood. 


I rinsed out my mouth and once I turned around the room was spinning and I couldn't balance. i grabbed onto the door knob as I felt my self collapsing and i just let my tears fall as everything around me went black.


Darcys pov

" okay uncle Ni ill be there worries...bye" I hung up the phone and rang Paris "hello" she said in a cheery voice " hey sky's dad wants me to go and watch her sick self wanna come along and surprise her"  i sang , " Yes!" She shouted immedietly " okay ill come and pick you up". Next im going to call Jordan "yeah" he said in a bored tone "i know what will make you happy" i sang " what could possibly make me happy" he laughed "duh getting to see your girly friend" by that i could tell i got his attention " im gonna come pick you up see you soon". time to get my passengers.


We got out of the car with balloons and flowers then walked inside me and jordan put up our coats and since Paris didnt have one she ran straight up "im giving her the flowers" i smiled taking them from Jordan "no you give her the balloons" he argued. We went back and forth until we heard Paris scream me and Jordan laughed figuring she got scared of the sky's bathroom carpet again. i jogged uup the stairs with logan right behind me, Right then my heart dropped to my stomach we all ran to her side "Sky" I screamed shaking her body "come on sky this isn't funny" I looked to Jordan and Paris both had tears poring down their face same as me. Jordan lifted her in his as " come on babe wake up, open your eyes" he cried. I ran down stairs and grabbed my phone from my bag and dialed the numbers i never thought I'd dial for my bestfriend " 911 whats your emergency?" A friendly lady said on the phone " m-my c-cousins not breathing we f-found her lying on the floor and she has blood all over her" i yelled  " okay i need you to calm down an ambulance will get their shortly"  with that I hung up and dialed the next number 'dad' "hello this is harry" he laughed "daddy"  i cried  " whats wrong are you okay?!" He screamed noticing i was crying so hard it was hard for me to breath "When i got to sky's house we found her lying on the floor with blood on her shirt and i need you and uncle Ni to get here right away" " im coming"


Nialls pov 

Harry was talking on the phone with tears streaming down his face. Once he hung up he ran over to me and the rest of the lads "Darcy wants us to get to your house right now something up with sky" he shouted. i couldnt process anything I ran to my truck and the lads followed. 


i got out of my car and saw any ambulance loading her on and Darcy, and Paris talking to a medic. i ran to the ambulance and saw Jordan sitting inside  once be saw me he got out and I rode with sky to the hospital , praying the whole way. when we arrived in the hospital they made me sit in the waiting room as they examined her. i hate being in this building the last time i was here was when the love of my life died. Shortly after a crowd of people ran in we pretty much took up the whole waiting room. Darcy came up to me and gave me a hug "Its going to be okay shes the toughest person I know" Darcy whispered, i nodded my head and sat down next to Jordan who was balling his eyes out just like the rest of us and we just cried. 

2 hours later 

" can I speak to someone here for..Sky Horan?" Imedietly me, Jordan, Darcy, Paris ran up "okay well theres good news and bad news which would you like to hear first" he asked all heads turned to me " good news" I nodded "okay good news is she will be fine. Bad news is shes lost alot of blood and shes currently in a coma" he said checking his clipboard " do we get to see her?" Paris asked the doctor nodded "room D314". 

everyone ran to her room and we all stood frozen as we saw her laying there motionless. Jordan ran up to her " Babe come on wake up i need your" he cried on her shoulder. After we all took turns talking to sky who was asleep visiting hours were over "can i stay here with her?" Jordan cried, i nooded then said goodbye as we all left. 

Going to the pub escorted by liam so i wouldnt go overboard.

I already lost my queen, I cant lose my princess to.



i really am sick but i just thought I'd update instead of lying in bed doing nothing i hope you guys enjoyed this 

love you princesses xx

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