Hi my names Sky, and lets just say i have a complicated life but... theres some great moments between all that complication. <3


2. Dont go

Sky's pov

I knelled down next to my mum's bed "please dont leave me i need you" i said tears streaming down my face " Its okay baby dont cry, im not going no where ill always be right here" she smiled gesturing to my heart, she let out a groan "take care of everyone for me okay especially your father, tell them im happy, and ill be watching over you guys....I love you take care baby girl" she smiled and kissed my hand, i nodded "i love you too mama", she smiled then her eye lids slowly dropped 'BEEEEEEEEEEEP' oh my gosh!!! i looked at the monitor and saw a straight line shit. I screamed for a help and nurses came rushing in "excuse me miss could you please wait outside" a young nurse asked i nodded and walk out to the waiting room and saw my dad, Aunt Rosie,Darcy,and my uncles, I ran to my dad and cried in his chest "what happened" my dad asked "tthe lline wwent flat" i sobbed, he hugged me tighter and we all cried together.


We have been crying in the waiting room for half and hour waiting for news "Sky horans family" the docter called appearing in the hallway. We walked over and he sighed "im sorry we did the best we could.." i shook my head "can we see her" dad asked, the doctor nodded and we walked to her room, she looked so peaceful "bye mum ill miss you, your the best mom ever, i love you and ill see you later " i smiled holding back tears, shes raised me too be strong and shes in a better place now, as long as shes happy, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and sat down as everyone said there goodbyes.

 Aunt Rosie walked up to mum "Why did you leave us? your strong, Why did you give up? WHY" she started getting louder, Uncle harry grabbed aunt Roise and hugged her "its okay love its okay" he said trying to calm her, she turned around and sobbed into him "she was my cousin, my bestfriend".

Everyone was crying, i wiped my tears and looked up, she was next to me, my mum "dont cry baby see im still here in your heart whenever you need me ill be here, now i want all of you to be strong, tell aunt Rosie im sorry and im in her heart to when you any of you need me just think of me and ill be here okay"she smiled i nodded tears flowing down my face like a waterfall. I walked up to aunt Rosie and gave her a hug "mum said shes sorry and she wants all of us to be strong.. for her, and whenever any of us need her all we have to do is think of her. She said as long as we keep her in our hearts she will always be here"i smiled and looked back to the corner,she was there, everyone followed my gaze and look to the corner "hi Niall" mum said to dad "Dani??" he cried, mum nodded, she looked around then smiled and waved goodbye to everyone next thing you know..

My mum was gone and only her lifeless body remained...

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