Immortal Love

Lea and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. they are in 12th grade. Harry has a deep secret to tell Lea but will he let his best friend, Liam, get in the way?


4. Chapter 4


Lea's P.O.V.

" Okay..."

" Go on. What's my surprise?"

" Well I am going to ask you to move in with me seeing that I can't pay for groceries and bills on my own and neither can you and you are my girl now and I asked your mom. And let's just say she was really happy to get me and you out of the house."

" Well that was very nice of my mom and yeah I'll move in with you." i said smirking

" Thank god! I was kinda hoping you'd say that because your mom help me move your stuff in early this morning. That's why your room was empty this morning and also why your mom asked you to sleep with me in my room."

" Very sneaky! I should have seen it coming. Well I feel stupid."

" Well you're not so don't call yourself that."

" HaHa. Well I'm pretty tired so I thought we could take a nap, Eh? What do you say Hazza?"

" Right behind ya babe."

I kicked off my shoes and lay down next to harry, who i might point out was in his boxers and shirtless. Gosh did he not see that I'm melting in our bed? It feels so weird calling it 'our' bed, yet just right. once I lay down I nuzzled my face in his chest and he wrapped his arms around my medium frame. I wasn't the smallest girl in the school. I always wore shirts that were too big, when I am just a large, but I always like wearing XL shirts to make me feel comfortable. Harry seemed to love me the way I was and that made me feel confident about myself. I dozed off to sleep.

*5 hours later*

" Well, hello handsome." I groggily said as I opened my eyes to those green pair that I adore so much.

" Well hey beautiful. I like waking up next to you. I thought we could go get some Starbucks but it's dark and I don't know if you'd want to."

" Yeah sure let's go."

I got dressed in jean shorts and a blue flowy top that came halfway to my shorts showing that i almost had nothing underneath. I put on my red converse and got up from the bed and turned around to see Harry in, as usual, white T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and fold over boots.

"Ready lea?"

" Yep" i said popping the P.

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