Immortal Love

Lea and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. they are in 12th grade. Harry has a deep secret to tell Lea but will he let his best friend, Liam, get in the way?


12. Chapter 11

Lea's P.O.V.


" Harry!"

" He won't hear you sweetheart. So don't try!" The Irish one said.

" This is my life you're taking! Of course I'm going try!"

" Oh Hun, we are going to wait till Hazza get's here so we can do it in front of him." The one with a short brown quiff said.

" Why!? Why am I going to be killed!"

" Oh. Harry didn't tell you? He's not supposed to be with a human, yet he is breaking the rules and he has to pay for that and so do you!"

" Wait, do you guys know what was in that note? I guessing you wrote it, right?"

" Yes we were telling him to get rid of you or we would but because he loves you so much he couldn't."

" Sappy love story." Said the one with the Bradford accent.

"Please don't hurt me."

 They all chuckled. I need you Harry, please come for me. As if right on cue, Harry bursts through the door.

" Harry!"

" Lea! Boy's please let her go."

" Hell no! You got her into this mess and I'm sorry but there is nothing you can do about it. Harry you broke the rules and this is the price you pay for falling in love with a human."

" What if I was a vampire?" I yelled. All of a sudden I had gained some sort of courage. Was I ready for this?

" No Lea! I will not turn you into a monster like us!"

" Hey that hurts!"

" Shut up Liam!"

Liam looked pissed. He ran over to me and before Harry could do anything, I was bitten.

" No!"

" AHH!!! What th-"

 I felt like I was gonna die that hurt so bad. No blood shed. Just bitten. I felt a burning feeling in my body, like I was on fire. Harry ran over to me. I'm guessing to say goodbye. I wasn't going to die so easily.

" Harry, why do I feel like I'm on fire? AHH!"

" When Liam bit you he injected venom. I could kill you." He had a shameful look on his face. But wait. Could?

" Harry, what do you mean Could kill me? Do I have a choice?"

" You do. You either die or ... become one of us."

My eyes went wide. If this was the only way to save my life I had to do it. I never thought this would be an option. I will never grow old, but see everyone around me die. I don't know if I can have children. If I was a vampire could I try to have a normal life even though I'm not? I have to do this. To save my life. My. Life.

" Do it. Now."

He looked up at me with his eyes wide.

" Harry what are you doing get away from her!"

Harry got knocked to the ground and pushed away. Liam threw so many punches to him. He was going to kill him. I was sitting there screaming and crying to let him go and stop but they wouldn't budge. I felt my eyes start to droop.

" Harry, I love you."

" No Lea!"

I could see Harry getting up and running towards me but that was all I could see before my eyes  gave up. I felt something on my next but I think it was too late.


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