Immortal Love

Lea and Harry have been best friends since kindergarten. they are in 12th grade. Harry has a deep secret to tell Lea but will he let his best friend, Liam, get in the way?


1. chapter 1


Lea's P.O.V.

 "Lea. Lea. Lea! LEA WAKE UP!"

 I opened my eyes to a pair of beautiful pair of emerald green eyes meeting mine. I pushed his face away from mine with my hand. Harry made this sound that made me laugh too hard.

"Oi! what was that for ??"

" Your morning breath kills! Did you not brush your teeth this morning Hazz?"

" No" He said it with such a shameful expression that made me smile. once he saw me he returned that dashing smile.

" Go brush em' and get dressed. remember today is the last day of high school for us !"

" Okay mumzy!"

See Harry likes to spend the night a lot so my mom cleaned our guest room for him since he basically lives here. I crawled out of my bed and hoped in the shower. once i got out i got my clothes on. I put some blue skinny jeans on with some red converse and a ' you are my universe' T-shirt Harry bought me. I walked out of my room to see harry in his usual attire. A white T-shirt that showed his tattoos slightly and his perfect tan with black skinny jeans with fold over boots.

" Looking good as always Lea." He said smiling

" Same to you Hazza. Ready to go?" i said sticking my elbow out for him to take it.

" Yep lets go !" He does and we skip down the stairs. Not literally, I wouldn't want to break my neck.

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