Love Story

Cassie Raven finally met her One Direction idol, Harry Styles. Although what may seem like a true relationship turns into a sex game


2. My dreams come true

Taylor swift is laying on the floor screaming as harry laughs and sings a song called taylor is finally dead the song goes like this "On top of a school bus all bloody and red I shot pore Taylor right through her head. 5 hours later I went to her grave some people threw flowers Cassie and I threw a grenade. 10,000 years later she rules from the dead. So I took my machete and chopped off her head GOODBYE BITCH!" I Cracked up laughing.. After that me and Harry went home and we had sex i didn't expect it to happen again but it did. we forgot one very important part we forgot the condom. after a couple days my period was late i took the pregnancy test and it came back positive i was terrified! i called harry right away and i told him the news he was shocked. he came over right away! and we talked about what we were ganna do me and him decided to keep it. there was still a problem we have to tell our parents...... to be continued 

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